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The figures for the last years of the mandate are based on continuous collection of data by the department of statistics.
Then other scientists publicly take apart the discovery-the measurements were full of errors, the statistics were cursory.
Several statistics seemed to support this damning conclusion.
Statistics are unreliable with declared income still a novelty, but brokers say the number is surely in the hundreds of thousands.
She agreed that crime was a big problem and that the government purposefully manipulates crime statistics.
To gather the accounts of natural resources, means of communication, and statistics the author made many journeys.
These are the indicators of crisis, subject to data and statistics.
To him even the extinction of the human race should be merely a fact to be grouped with other vital statistics.
With the utmost gravity, he sets out statistics to show the revenue that would accrue if this idea were adopted.
My fellow citizens, trade statistics indicate that this country is in a state of unexampled prosperity.
Statistics, too, may be making things there look less saggy.
So, too, has an alternative gauge of national output computed from income statistics.
Blighty puts cancer statistics under the microscope.
Find our more about our readership statistics here technology.
More jarring still are the invisible inequalities, the ones hidden in statistics.
The annual report card on the state of the planet's species contains some sobering statistics.
Myth or no, the shooters still seem to think they're on fire when statistics show they're not.
The rescue statistics for avalanched people are grim.
The other method is to examine historical weather data and make predictions based on statistics.
The growing familiarity of the statistics does little to ease the painful realization of how disturbing they are.
Top authors, statistics, related diseases and biological processes.
She made her scientific mark studying and applying the statistics of earthquakes.
Without foreknowledge of this sample space, one lacks the basis for compiling the appropriate statistics.
Now consider communities near or down wind of the highly pollutant industries and compare their statistics of respiratory illness.
Get statistics, publications and reports from the world's energy organization.
There are no historical statistics that could prove global warming is affecting local sea currents.
Fears of turtle overconsumption are grounded in some sobering statistics, experts say.
Excellent resource for statistics on nuclear arsenals around the world.
Get a wealth of information-statistics, reports, guides to quitting-on the health effects of smoking.
Statistics show that flights scheduled earlier in the day have better on-time performance.
Its site contains information about chocolate such as statistics on global production and consumption.
As soon as she'd finished, the turtle team hopped into action to record her vital statistics.
While there is no global data on second-home ownership, individual countries maintain some statistics.
According to their own statistics, they're still growing.
It's because particle physics is a game of statistics, and even a non-conclusive result can be pretty interesting.
Twitter publishes statistics that show how many people a user is following, and how many users are following them.
It's all reacting to a situation and collecting statistics.
Also, the statistics of user keystroke timing can continuously be improved.
He is brilliant at what he does, but he does not have much background in research methodology or applied statistics.
Some students at community colleges never make it into the enrollment statistics.
The successful candidate for the lecturer position will teach courses in calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.
Statistics can tell you a lot, but statistics do not grieve.
What is also no surprise from these statistics is that, in a recession, default rates are higher.
The best of them yield three tons in an eight-month period, according to sober statistics.
Look at the statistics closely and you will almost certainly find the drug.
Instead of a single football game, the splintering of fifteen different games into personalized fantasy-league statistics.
But how to interpret those statistics is less than clear.
Statistics on marital infidelity are notoriously difficult to gather, given the secretive nature of adulterous behavior.
There are many accurate local statistics: villages keep fairly complete lists of their people who have been killed or captured.
Worldwide patent statistics can be somewhat misleading, since different countries follow different standards for granting patents.
It also got me thinking about the statistics involved.
We seem perfectly ready to put up with automobile statistics.
Statistics do their usual job of confirming initial impressions.
They combine an acute sense of history with a skillful use of statistics.
Statistics from randomized trials, as he surely knows, represent averages of selected groups of patients.
Such statistics taken alone may be grounds for a suspicion of discrimination.
The press shows a certain reverence for social science work with statistics that can make this cover quite effective.
Statistics used to support a government's case were distorted to the point of sheer absurdity.
Health statistics may be hazardous to our mental health.
To get a handle on these particular details the authors looked at two statistics, linkage disequilibrium and runs-of-homozygosity.
Then you construct the concept of spacetime from statistics.
Statistics suggest, however, that many couples choose not to exercise this option.
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