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They don't realize that when you starve people of opportunity it hurts everyone, including the people doing the starving.
People will starve, without being able to die of starvation.
But he could n't lie if you paid him and he'd starve before he stole.
They are as sick that surfeit with too much, as they that starve with nothing.
For otherwise a state may have a great stock, and yet starve.
It strikes us as wrong-or not obviously right-that some people starve while others have private jets.
To quell property prices, the government is trying to starve real-estate developers of financing.
Giving anorexic teenagers yet another reason to starve themselves is a bad idea.
The ordinary human being would sooner starve than live on brown bread and raw carrots.
Mocking the corporate establishment only encourages it to starve you of resources.
If your first meal endlessly satisfies, you'll soon starve.
They also sought to starve insurgents by restricting supplies of food to the population.
Given the strength of the economy, they know they will not starve whatever they do.
Cut off the aid and the politicians have to stop stealing or the people will starve, riot and take their country back.
Surely no one is suggesting they should be allowed to starve.
One result has been to starve local governments of revenue and to make them dependent on the state.
But as the trees disappeared and people began to starve, warfare broke out among the tribes.
These pores either allow the bacterium to infect the insect's blood, the so-called hemolymph, or cause the insect to starve.
Despite all natural odds, despite bad politics and bad governance, people don't starve here.
Why is the government afraid to tell us that billions are going to starve.
Throw them with eyes open but in the wrong place and you starve.
If local population of any life form breeds at levels that are unsupportable they starve.
Herbivores will be starved due to lack of plants, and carnivores will starve due to lack of herbivores.
It should be illegal to bring kids into this world to suffer and starve.
Conservationists collect remaining hatchlings that are otherwise left to starve and hand-feed them.
But thousands more remain, he said, and the days left before they starve or die from dehydration are numbered.
Herbivores would starve, as would the carnivores that fed on the plant-eaters.
When hare populations are low, in fact, scientists have seen that some picky lynx starve rather than switch foods.
The bats lose their fat reserves and ultimately starve.
As months went by and they began to starve, they were forced to ration their few remaining provisions.
Were it not for their daily handout, they would starve.
Don't worry, your dog won't starve, when a he sees there are no better options he will eat his food.
Muscle will be lost if you starve yourself, or greatly under eat while continuing to exercise vigorously.
She hates to be fed, would rather starve, but loves to steer the precarious course herself.
We'd rather stay in the city and starve than go to the country an' have nothing to do but work.
There must have been a work or starve factor in play.
The latter give us only the negative liberty to starve and be unemployed.
Laid-off consultants don't starve, of course, but neither will laid-off auto workers.
People starve for the first few months so of course their blood sugar levels go down.
The way to eliminate big government is to starve it of funds.
Foragers had trouble storing food, so a group living in a rich area might starve during midwinter or during a drought.
Bonobos have to control territory and exclude others through violence because otherwise they'll starve.
Slaughtering millions, or allowing millions to starve in the name of profit.
The bacteria possessing only the first mutation would be as likely to starve as the other bacteria that can eat only glucose.
Continue the program, continue the farce, while other programs starve.
When the same happens with food, people go hungry or even starve.
But he muted his criticisms, hoping that silence would starve the strangeness.
Then they began to starve, so they slaughtered the dogs, including the puppies.
However, there is a clear practical limit to the number of individuals you can bond with in this way before you begin to starve.
They keep blood vessels from forming in a tumor, causing the tumor to starve and stop growing or to shrink.
When this happens, oxygen can't reach the heart and the cells begin to starve and die.
Wildlife can become dependent on handouts and lose their ability to forage for food causing them to starve.
In addition, without the algae there to provide a majority of their food, the corals are beginning to starve.
If they are disturbed or wake too many times, or if the winter is especially long, they will run out of fat reserves and starve.
Antiangiogenic agents keep blood vessels from forming in a tumor, causing the tumor to starve and stop growing or to shrink.
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