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Squeeze a lemon over them, using your fingers to coat any exposed parts of the fruit.
However, some private-equity firms are under pressure to squeeze more money out of their investments, and quickly.
First, that as you squeeze the bottle the pressure increases and the volume of trapped air decreases.
Taxes can be raised only on people who have money, you can't squeeze blood from a stone.
And restaurateurs have to think of novel ways to squeeze more money out of their square footage.
In a squeeze play, a runner charges home from third base as the batter bunts.
More public universities are striving to squeeze into the top tier.
The monster constrictors can also squeeze the life out much larger prey before swallowing it whole.
The machine hopes to trap and squeeze hydrogen isotopes until they fuse together to form helium, releasing energy.
There are even drums with flexible flanks that you squeeze under your arm to change their tone.
Next you pour everything into a strainer and squeeze the rest of the milk from the butter.
That's removable, so you can squeeze this inside another box and run a cable to the mains.
The do-or-die suicide squeeze may be baseball's riskiest play.
In a sign of the times, universities and colleges are trying to squeeze fatter profits from the margins of their operations.
Lacking a skeleton and gas bladders, an octopus can pretty much squeeze itself into the smallest of crevices.
Top your latke with sour cream, and add cilantro, onion and a squeeze of lime.
Which means they'll not only fit inside a backpack, they might even squeeze inside a jacket or a pair of pants.
Companies are seeking outsiders' help to squeeze more out of their equipment.
Somehow, more than a million people squeeze life from this parched land.
And if a commuter does squeeze in, the trials continue.
Serve hot or cold with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of chives, and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Squeeze the grip and the brakes are actuated according to a radio signal.
But at the same time you do not want to squeeze out all that the newcomers hold dear and important.
The squeeze comes as a surge in demand for high-tech equipment has sent demand for rare earths soaring.
And constrictors squeeze prey until it stops breathing.
The restrictive tactics have enabled publishers to squeeze more dollars from their subscribers.
Then maybe if decided to, squeeze in a dual between the dinosaurs.
If the watercraft is going forward, a squeeze of the brake lever reverses the motor and slows it down.
The squeeze on margins has filtered down to lower-quality borrowers.
Decades of disease and overuse of pesticides have put the squeeze on populations of the domesticated honeybee.
Cold fusion using fullerene to squeeze heavy hydrogen is one method.
Gently squeeze the water out of each tube, then dry and store for next year.
The more stuff you can squeeze in, the smarter you'll look.
Yet some universities are beginning to squeeze costs.
However, they can squeeze through tiny holes as if they were moving from room to room through keyholes.
Then, it will squeeze more efficiency out of the gasoline drivetrain.
Serve with tartar sauce on the side to add to taste and lime wedges to squeeze over top.
Squeeze lime to taste and garnish with coriander leaves.
Putting a figure on the extent and length of investment squeeze depends, sadly, on knowing the extent and depth of the recession.
Put potatoes on a large rimmed baking sheet and squeeze contents of bag over them.
Mandrills are feeling the squeeze of spreading agriculture and human settlement-both are shrinking their rain forest homeland.
And squeeze every mpg out of our existing gasoline fueled vehicles.
Squeeze the leaves to break them up into little bits, and pull out the little stems.
Squeeze excess broth from the soaked bread and add to the oil and tomatoes.
When you treat personal health as a business, you injure uncountable lives to squeeze out some hypothetical dollars.
Squeeze it down and pack it in your bag when the sun comes out.
Also a good way to squeeze a tree into a small yard.
To apply the frosting, squeeze it out of a sealed freezer bag with a whole cut in one corner.
Top with cider then squeeze lime wedge over the top and drop the wedge on in.
Soak bread in half the milk, squeeze out the excess liquid, and mash with a fork.
If you played hooky to head up during daylight, squeeze in a mini adventure before dinner.
Properly moistened compost feels moist but water droplets do not squeeze out.
Lichens and mosses can squeeze into cracks and crevices, where they take root.
Have students squeeze their marshmallows and ask them what happens.
Squeeze balsamic extraction around pesto sauce poured in center of plate.
Pour the mixture into a plastic squeeze bottle, such as an old shampoo bottle, and let it stand overnight.
Squeeze or push the handle on the pump that is attached to the siphon to start the sucking, or siphoning, of the standing water.
They squeeze those muscles to wiggle their bodies forward in a series of curves.
The more he could find in welfare, the less the squeeze would be for the public services.
In high school he had been an indifferent student, and this time around he wanted to squeeze something from each lesson.
Manga tried to squeeze off another round, but the gun jammed.
It took forever to squeeze through the door without him.
Caught in the squeeze are the business owners and public officials who are trying to accommodate everyone.
Of course the market will spike up because they are, in essence, making a short squeeze.
Unable to cut costs or squeeze retailers' margins, smaller brewers are struggling.
The site has become a popular weekend haunt for day trippers willing to squeeze through fences and scale rickety scaffolds.
Life's too short to make yourself miserable trying to squeeze yourself into something that's not a good fit.
The great squeeze cannot go on forever, of course, but it shows no sign of slackening.
He'll squeeze you a faculty smoothie and slip you a side of diploma mill, and do it with a smile.
They wash it over and over, then squeeze the pulp in a giant strainer.
The couple squeeze into the backseat, she carrying a bright blue gym bag, he the dull burden of history.
If the clips which fit over the pins are too loose, insert a toothpick in each one and squeeze it with pliers to tighten it.
Second, more bullets can be fired with one squeeze of the trigger before the gun recoils.
It helps to use your teaspoon to squeeze the tea-bag between the spoon and the walls of the mug occasionally.
At full size, all but a few squeeze through holes in the caterpillar's skin and spin a cocoon on a nearby twig or leaf.
When asked to squeeze a handgrip-a measure of physical endurance-they could hold on longer.
The players are all amateurs who squeeze their music-making into already crammed lives.
Companies are still unhelpfully shy of hiring, preferring to squeeze yet more output from fewer people.
The idea was to put soldiers in jobs that fit certain traits, and thus squeeze more productivity out of them.
Meanwhile, increases in the cost of college exceed inflation every year, intensifying the squeeze.
She must always, squeeze the bread to make sure it's fresh.
Furthermore, the squeeze is getting tighter every day.
Now he need only squeeze fresh oj to achieve an authentic flavor.
Diamond anvil cells squeeze a material to intense pressures, and laser pulses heat it to unimaginable temperatures.
Unlike a jet, it doesn't squeeze the air with a turbine.
If you squeeze one, you reduce the uncertainty of its position but increase the uncertainty of its momentum.
True to their name, boa constrictors squeeze the life out of their prey.
Beta blockers change the nature of the heart beat from one that is a rapid contraction to one that is more of a gentle squeeze.
Most people only manage to squeeze one or two into a diatribe.
Then came the great fall, probably to squeeze a larger revenue stream from a broader audience.
When the big squeeze comes it will not be a pleasant place to be.
Instead, constrictors wrap their bodies around their prey and squeeze until it stops breathing.
Squeeze out any excess water, and wrap the towel around your head.
And their soft bodies can squeeze into impossibly small cracks and crevices where predators can't follow.
It's packed to the gills every night, so squeeze into a corner and order yourself a half-pint of something cold.
Squeeze off the shutter, smoothly and without jerking.
If there's time for a third day, fill up the backpack with the day's necessities and squeeze in some wilderness hiking.
Typical ambush predators, they squeeze their bodies into the forest substrate or leaf litter so only their heads protrude.
Instead gravity would squeeze it down much further, perhaps even to a singular point.
But those low prices have put the squeeze on many natural gas producers.
Clouds are the visible result of that squeeze of cooler, moist air.
He began bushwhacking through forest so dense that he sometimes had to remove his backpack to squeeze between the trees.
But low natural gas prices, welcome as they may be for consumers, put the gas companies in a squeeze.
Gently squeeze it so that the middle bulges slightly.
Mike watched them struggle to squeeze into their brand-new dry suits.
One way to squeeze more power out of sunlight is to ensure that it always hits a solar panel at the ideal angle.
Chipmakers can squeeze tens of billions of transistors onto each wafer.
Squeeze ur phone as you hold it if u r emotional or have a certain interactive rationale to this input source.
Align them parallel and overlapping, then uniformly squeeze them together.
In the old days, the goal was to squeeze more megahertz out of the pipeline.
The fluid pushes out against two diaphragms that squeeze blood out of the chambers, through the valves, and into the arteries.
Squeeze zucchini in batches in a kitchen towel to remove as much liquid as possible.
Squeeze bread to remove excess milk, then discard milk.
Wrap hot chestnuts in a kitchen towel and squeeze gently to further loosen shells.
Squeeze handfuls of zucchini wrapped in a kitchen towel to remove moisture.
Cut tomato crosswise in half and squeeze out seeds and juice, then chop.
Lift out porcini and squeeze excess liquid back into bowl.
Drain spinach and squeeze small handfuls to remove as much moisture as possible.
Cut the sweetness with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or simmer berries in the syrup.
Squeeze bread to remove as much moisture as possible.
Working over a small bowl, squeeze gently to extract seeds.
The talent agencies in particular are feeling the financial squeeze as jobs diminish along with packaging fees.
In the last couple of years, the squeeze has become tighter than ever.
But books on voguish subjects threaten to squeeze more conventional scholarship off publishers' lists.
Its size gives it the clout to squeeze its vendors so it can charge customers less.
But in the next decade, both subsidies get the squeeze.
If these pressures mount even faster, health care will squeeze out everything else, especially on the state level.
In return, they would get medical malpractice reform, which would squeeze tort lawyers.
Gather the cheesecloth and squeeze it tight to extract as much water as you can.
As the squeeze tightens, more retrograde tactics are coming into play.
All of which makes the industry unusually vulnerable to the credit squeeze.
Worsening the wage squeeze is a free-trade policy that has lowered tariffs.
Video games would seem to be fertile ground to the hungry film executive hunting for the next audience to squeeze.
There is no longer an imperative to squeeze the world into small, self-contained boxes.
Sometimes patients who register as unconscious can still squeeze a hand on command.
The more you have out there, the more juice you can squeeze.
No matter what emergency therapy the team of doctors tried, nothing could get his heart to squeeze powerfully.
It allows us to squeeze inferential juice from incomplete prior knowledge of the state of nature.
In addition, the stiffened cells can't squeeze through small blood vessels as deftly as normal cells.
Squeeze some drops of blood onto the surface of the ballon.
Without skeletons, they are expert contortionists, and can change shape or squeeze into tight spaces.
And once that gap starts to narrow, the squeeze is inevitable.
Fuel price hikes squeeze farmers at local markets.
Authors strike deals to squeeze in a few brand names.
Holiday travel slows as higher gas prices squeeze consumers.
Moms across the country are using charity as an excuse to squeeze back into their old prom dresses.
As the winds squeeze through canyons and valleys they speed up, fanning flames.
The economic slowdown has started to squeeze the technology sector.
Squeeze the lemons over the water to extract the juice and then throw the halves into the water.
See it for yourself, preferably with someone you can squeeze tight.
It's one thing for airport screeners to peek inside your shoes or squeeze your toothpaste tube.
Squeeze out all water by pressing spinach in colander with the back of your hand or wooden spoon.
Putting the squeeze on planets outside our solar system target.
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