Sporadic in a sentence

Example sentences for Sporadic

There is no bridge to the island and riverboat access is seasonal and sporadic.
The pre-dawn ocean was violently churning and downpours of rain were sporadic.
Since then supporters loyal to both figures have been involved in sporadic, often violent, clashes.
Meanwhile research in the area of alcoholism which had been desultory, erratic and sporadic intensified.
Previous models had relied on spotty information about people's movements, collected in sporadic surveys.
The inherent volume of the pipelines smooths the sporadic output of the renewable energy sources.
After a hesitant start, combat troops contained sporadic rioting, including pitched battles between red shirts and residents.
The capital has no running water and electricity is sporadic, blacking the city out at night.
They do not cope well with a long series of defeats, interrupted by sporadic flashes of success.
Some of this public and political attention has been sporadic, but it is justified.
But efforts to support specific industries and firms have remained sporadic despite calls for a coherent policy.
Despite this increased risk, calls for the reform of super-voting shares inside companies are sporadic.
There have been sporadic reports of problems, as well as occasional reports of problems being covered up.
Sporadic as his production may be, he has enough potential to warrant owning in standard leagues.
Only a handful of places elsewhere in the world have sporadic cases, and vaccine campaigns are vigorous in those areas.
And food shortages are causing sporadic riots in poor countries through the world.
Most salmonella infections appear as sporadic cases for which no source is identified.
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