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His team found that over their study period, geyser intervals got longer as the park went into a prolonged dry spell.
The verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell check could fill a dictionary.
The easterners have learned, mostly, to spell western names properly.
But they sometimes disappear for weeks, diving more than a mile down and resting in the chilly deep for a spell.
The fact that they're not could spell trouble for humans, too.
We were warned by well meaning friends before he was born that his name will spell trouble.
Among other things, the revised regulations would spell out when.
It's not as susceptible to variation as his surname, but there are a few different ways to spell it.
Wet winters can spell trouble if deep snow impairs their movement or covers their food.
Even modest shocks, such as a temporary dry spell or a routine infection, can be devastating.
He would later be known as the spy who couldn't spell.
In short, the self-evaluation is your chance to spell out exactly what you have done over the past year to help students learn.
Wave your hand over the deck as if you're casting a magician's spell.
Expanding dead zones not only spell trouble for biodiversity, but they also threaten the commercial fisheries of many nations.
If you have any course policies that vary in important ways from that handbook, spell that out clearly.
Nervousness in money markets would spell a whole new level of credit market failure.
But that wouldn't spell disaster for the orbiting lab, the panelists said.
First, he identified on a map the route he would need to drive to spell out the message.
Please oh please spell check your comments my brain hurts when reading horribly spelled words.
Election laws published this week do not quite spell out the result.
But a winter warm spell doesn't guarantee that food will be available.
But his spell as chairman did not seem to throw the company off balance.
Rain-soaked ash from the volcano peppers the tents during a spell of bad weather that stalled the expedition for days.
Ecologically and aesthetically, that seemed to spell the end of the river per se.
The other permitted alternative was to spell out the name and then give the acronym in parentheses.
Clear, plastic retainers created with three-dimensional modeling may spell an end to the proverbial metal mouth.
Birth name was longer, always have to spell it out, etc.
Although this is all appalling to open-source purists, it may not spell the end for their beloved programs.
Spell out clearly the terms of confidentiality and publication rights.
Another sustained dry spell would push the lake to new lows.
It goes without saying that a good spell check is a must.
The omitted letters spell out a description of these releases.
One small press's disappearance does not spell the end of university-press publishing.
And then the wall would no longer exist for a spell.
And if he can't get the project done before winter, it's going to be one heck of a cold spell.
Even traffic and crowded roads can't break the spell.
All knew how to use the plants in the forest to heal cuts, treat dysentery, or cast or break a spell.
His appearance cast a spell of its own: pale, even features, dramatic cheekbones and an unruly mane of reddish-gold hair.
With such a small population, this natural behavior can quickly spell disaster.
In an age of spell check and grammar check, errors reflect a carelessness that could be significant.
If you've had experience with these sorts of endeavors, spell this out for the committee.
Even at a high-profile research university, skipping any of the triumvirate entirely could spell disaster.
Doing so on a typical student laptop via wireless can spell disaster.
During the self-reinforcing phase participants are under the spell of the prevailing bias.
Criminologists still debate why: the crack war petered out, new policing tactics worked, the economy improved for a long spell.
These economic plans do not necessarily spell the end of high-tech manufacturing for competing nations.
Faced with uncertainty, whether it be a spell of dry weather or the trauma of being left out on the kitchen counter, they panic.
And time casts a magic spell over what were once simply the last known artifacts to leave an artisan's studio.
Government officials said the snow, when it melts in the spring, should end a near-decade long dry spell.
Perhaps this is the real spell that pro football casts, and explains why it is a stranger to romance.
It is as fresh and clean as a rainy day after a spell of heat.
Now and then the spell that held them was broken and they turned and tried in the dim light to see into each other's eyes.
Teachers would throw a word at us and ask how to spell it.
Most of them can't seem to spell and have little idea that their apps may be used in countries other than their own.
Spell out your argument for those who don't agree from the start that all regulations are bad.
They didn't know how to spell software, but they wanted to put something on their machines.
Increasingly, they are finding a market among people who simply haven't learned to type or haven't learned to spell.
The judicial officials could now each face a spell of ten years behind bars, if found guilty.
Shareholders of longer tenure could get extra voting rights, say, or new ones could be barred from voting for a spell.
As the year wore on, the claim was repeated but seemed more and more desperate, as if it were a spell to ward off recession.
It will not necessarily spell the onset of sweetness and light across the region.
It is conceivable that advances in artificial intelligence might spell the end of the wage premium for skilled workers, too.
Their original authors clearly need a spell in opposition to heal their wounds and regroup.
The nightmare that haunts many companies is that older workers spell rigidity.
If this catches on, it will spell the end of the billable hour.
He can focus his attention on something and hold it for a good spell.
She's in a great spell of working on the piano now and isnt writing at all.
Pollution, overfishing, and the rise of microbes spell doom for many bodies of water.
For a permanent lunar base, such mechanical failures could spell disaster.
Please take the time to spell my country's name correctly.
But cartoonish villains don't necessarily spell doom for a movie, especially one meant to be an elaborate thrill ride.
The permutations even spell out sentences, which is amazing.
It is important, however, to spell out the solution in advance.
All he can do is shoot the ball, can't even spell defense let alone play it.
Select a summary language to activate spell checking.
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