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Attention span may be tested earlier, because this fundamental skill can influence the rest of the tests.
Eligible applicants will have worked on topics that span more than one discipline in humanities and social sciences.
To put it simply, he has the attention span of a goldfish.
Again, the idea is that applications can span both the public cloud and the private cloud.
Barr said the increase didn't necessarily mean that students' problems had become more severe in a one-year span.
Since the attention span of busy shoppers is short, these channels differ from ordinary television.
Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age.
As researchers study these bugs, their life span will become better known.
For many of us, it's difficult to picture how technologies will change and evolve in that time span.
They are more aware of issues that span the globe and many of them are interested in working to make positive change.
The reasons span history, economics and geopolitics.
It's also versatile and is found in cuisines that span the globe.
Adventurers are also allowed, on the same day, to rappel from the span.
Extension of life span by introduction of telomerase into normal human cells.
The same can be said of similar partial vertebrae found from the same span of time throughout the southwest.
And this grows a community together in a natural setting that will span generations.
Now researchers have devised a way to manufacture plastic bottles that would increase their recycling life span.
Not to mention this happened in a span of four minutes.
What was the time span between the crash of the computer and the installation of the software.
It is no coincidence that the span of each brood's cycle is a prime number of years.
The wider span between high and low gears makes better use of engine power.
The scope of responsibilities will span the entire system.
Made a bunch of movies over the span of a couple of years, then retired.
Since communes can span municipal borders, they could move public funds from opposition-led districts to government-friendly ones.
Unlike many standards-setting bodies, participating companies span a range of industries.
As for the helicopter, it hasn't gone into the drink yet, despite the researchers' fears about its life span.
The hiking is generally easy, often with boardwalks that span mossy bogs.
Now a number of them span the globe right from the beginning.
They typically do not try to span the globe, but their work is so good that clients will keep paying handsomely for it.
He is often accused of having a short attention span.
In some cases entire neighborhoods have become ghost towns with the span a few months.
It acted by improvisation, with no clear sense of purpose or coherent strategy, and a rather short attention span.
But the politics of hostility and resentment span the planet.
Yet the drug ekes out only two more months of increased life span on average than do other cancer drugs.
Cutting calories has been shown to increase the life span of some animals and protect them from signs of aging and disease.
They usually span the size of a football field and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate.
Links in the prototype network can span up to two kilometers.
And if the wasted energy weren't bad enough, computer memory has a limited life span.
Or given it is a general language based on which operations the application likes to perform in a given time span.
And he believes life-span-lengthening medicines will be available within a decade.
The life span of muon is not symmetric property between the sea level and muon.
The multiplicity of selves becomes more intuitive as the time span increases.
Izvestia reports that the average life-span in the area has fallen by three years over the past two decades.
Then again, the relative success of the essay may also have something to do with the diminishing national attention span.
Moreover, the period covered by their smoking histories was closely related to the age span of maximum smoking experience.
All predictions that span a decade require a side dish of skepticism.
Second, birds must be capable of successful reproduction over a span of years.
There is also a lack of evidence that avoiding gluten boosts energy levels, improves digestion, or enhances attention span.
We cannot get to the stars, for example, without the longer life-span that genetic engineering promises.
The nation's attention span is notoriously scattered and short.
It went from magical to mundane to annoying in a remarkably short span.
In committee meetings she had the attention span of a fruit fly.
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