Solemn in a sentence

Example sentences for Solemn

His solemn expression accompanies a quiet wit and a sardonic sense of humor.
She spoke in hushed, giddy laughter, somehow as perfectly solemn as it was light.
At the same time, a welcoming remark should be serious, lest you suggest that the occasion is not a solemn one.
Though the trailer is said to capture the game's solemn tone and setting, it is not the same thing.
He rendered the scene in a palette of solemn gray, brown and ocher, with raging seas and menacing skies dominating the picture.
No solemn, somber affair for these kids, a pilgrimage is a big party.
For much of the night, the mood is solemn, even anguished.
The pianist bows, his pageboy hairdo flopping about his solemn face.
Many of the illustrations are cartoonish without being playful, and the final section on time-travel paradoxes is too solemn.
While all the church bells made a solemn din-A fire-alarm to those who lived in sin.
The pilot comes back from the cabin and in a solemn voice says.
What resulted was a volley of unpredictable gestures-solemn or wild, often futile, but not without a streak of comic dignity.
The detectives nodded with solemnity, solemn in their solemnness.
No solemn chimpanzee funerals in the backyard, that's for sure.
If you've never seen it, prepare yourself for the oddest of nocturnal spells and solemn rhapsodies.
On the subject of work, this otherwise funny novel is solemn.
Solemn yearly pledges from leaders are easier to sell than the commission's bureaucratic process.
Rightly, he felt it belittled his devotion to the poetic craft and made him over-solemn.
In this confetti world of greed and egocentricity the solemn need for truth and transparency is paramount.
It is probably some sort of apologetic and politically correct solemn nonsense which will leave us all none the wiser.
The range of experiences at these celebrations runs from joyfully loud and spectacular to solemn and contemplative.
The atmosphere was respectful and solemn, as far as celebrations go.
They were also abdicating their solemn judicial responsibility not to make a bad situation worse.
Oddly, though, it was not the solemn moment he had once imagined.
Our government had thus flagrantly disregarded its solemn treaty obligations.
He holds the flashlight in his armpit while his gnarled hands work through the keys of a hundred solemn locks in this huge church.
As for the structure of the picture, it does tend to jump about between solemn and comic situations to the point of monotony.
The building of such a peace is a bold and solemn purpose.
The versification sustains the solemn spirit which breathes throughout: it is peculiarly melodious.
The faces from the mug shots stare back at us solemn and cold.
Senior officers offered solemn words and slow salutes.
The jurors indicate by their responses and upraised hands that they take this solemn oath.
Once the oath has been administered, the jurors indicate by their responses and upraised hands that they take this solemn oath.
Kahlo's expression is solemn and appears to be patiently enduring pain.
Inspired by the occasion, they provided new, more solemn words to the already well-known football song.
The protection of life, health and property is a solemn responsibility of the highest order.
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