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Soldiers were packed in so tightly they could find no place to sleep and could barely stand.
Soldiers shoot at an enemy position near local villages.
But the growing reality is that for many soldiers, the memory of war is as deadly as the war itself.
The exhibition features a number of letters that serve as windows on the personal lives on soldiers stationed abroad.
While bunkers were present in various field fortification display areas, the soldiers who participated were out in the open.
Online games have been developed to train firefighters, soldiers, and others preparing for fast-paced jobs.
Online courses have long been a boon for soldiers who want to participate in college despite geographic displacement.
We could say that they're soldiers, but soldiers killed in action are revered as heroes by our culture and many others.
Nor do our soldiers now feel any great support or collective appreciation behind them.
But you wouldn't necessarily know it on the campuses, where the foot soldiers never watch the generals at work.
The idea was to put soldiers in jobs that fit certain traits, and thus squeeze more productivity out of them.
One of the first things soldiers have to learn is how to react when under fire.
The soldiers gathered in the cavelike meeting area where they ate meals and prepared for patrols.
Any loyalist banner still flying likely signaled the presence of nearby pro-regime soldiers defending it.
Former soldiers are finding lucrative jobs fighting other people's wars.
Soldiers' leave is often cancelled and mobile-phone use is restricted.
In previous encounters, efforts had been made to spare rank-and-file soldiers.
Since soldiers are not responsible for their own actions when serving in a uniform.
It rests on the notion that some soldiers are homophobic and, therefore, any change to the policy might negatively affect morale.
While there is plenty of blame for trigger-happy soldiers, the red shirts are not spared.
The idea is that the flexible screens will replace some of the bulky devices that soldiers now have to lug around.
Soldiers and sailors stood around, evidently waiting for something.
He answers that several of the rebels, soldiers and others, came to him at one time and another.
The soldiers made them, and some the soldiers destroyed.
Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you from these pyramids.
The saint showed his indignation by spitting upon the idol, upon which one of the soldiers struck off his head.
It's a method the military believes may work with a generation of soldiers raised on video games.
In this age of looming bioterrorism, keeping chemical warfare vapors off of soldiers is a primary military concern.
The researchers are virtually indistinguishable from the soldiers except that they carry rock hammers instead of guns.
The researchers say that the tight, metal shell may have made the soldiers feel safer.
With enhanced emergency medicine, many soldiers are coming home from war with grievous injuries instead of being killed.
Since robots do not have a survival instinct, they do not have to shoot at anything that moves as human soldiers do.
New lightweight vests for cops and soldiers that can stop any bullet.
Apparently the modern military system is better at providing corporate profits than useful equipment to the soldiers.
As with soldiers, the best thing to do is keep people's minds occupied.
Both these soldiers had no recollection of the events.
Fifty soldiers were dispatched to begin preparing some sections of the ice.
Today's soldiers are more power hungry than ever, and the army believes flexible solar cells can provide the extra juice.
Soldiers who are packing multiple portable technologies could soon have less heavy lifting to do.
Soldiers could use the technology to see information about their environment, collected from sensors.
New mesh-networking technology will allow soldiers to more quickly search an area for signs of nuclear contamination.
For example, the military tested stiff-soled piezoelectric shoes as a power source, but soldiers complained of foot pain.
In the future, soldiers could carry fibers designed to detect a variety of substances.
The workers and soldiers were all over the room and the veranda.
There has also been long-standing interest in building exoskeletons that turn normal grunts into super-soldiers.
As for the military thing, they should have a sort of reverse boot camp to help soldiers go back to civilian life.
Soldiers with families offered special praise for the military's health plan.
The soldiers and the policemen emerged from the shock and blood to rage against whomever they could.
After a lieutenant used his portable radio to call for instructions, the soldiers were ordered to shoot.
The soldiers marched toward them, bayonets pointing.
In the city there were many soldiers sitting by the lakes, walking through the streets, or among the dense waves of cyclists.
The soldiers themselves had various theories for why things had quieted down.
On leave, soldiers have to give a contact number and also call into base every few hours to make sure nothing has developed.
It has a tie to our nation's soldiers and the gear they wear.
There had been intense fighting that night, and help was needed to bring wounded soldiers to safety.
But what really crippled the war effort was the administration's failure, even as its soldiers went to war, to make a decision.
He rode closest to the soldiers, yelling to his warriors.
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