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Example sentences for Snipe

Other birds fly faster than the great snipe, but for shorter distances.
In the blogosphere, entrenched partisans regularly snipe at each other with ill-mannered fury.
Perhaps then you'll appreciate the snipe at ed teachers and ed students.
Critics may snipe that there is nothing uniquely non-profit about these traits.
There is one lizard and two waders, namely, a snipe and curlew.
The candidates snipe at each other's records almost daily.
It doesn't need to be used to snipe, it can cause injury enough to knock someone out of a political race or a industrial position.
Pan has yet to express any views except to snipe and snark at various and sundry commenters, primarily right-wingers.
In outdoor-advertising lingo, a snipe is any piece that is added to an existing billboard, covering part of it.
Hunting for goose, duck, coot and common snipe hunting is also permitted.
Also provides food for sora and yellow rails, swamp and tree sparrows, snipe and other song birds.
Waterfowl, snipe, and coot hunting occurs on five of the seven units of the refuge.
Nontoxic shot is required for hunting rails, snipe, waterfowl and coots.
Provides food for sora and yellow rails, swamp and tree sparrow, snipe and other songbirds.
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