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Break the letters from their surrounding frame and then snap them together.
All ports protected under secure, but easy to use, snap closures.
Hold in place until set, then slide the snap onto a rack.
Those snap judgments are about as reliable as the credit rating on a mortgage-backed security.
There is a great amount of protection for animals in research so snap out of it and be reasonable.
If only you could snap your fingers and a garden would appear.
Both the razor and the toothbrush begin as small flat plastic boxes that unfold and snap together to become full-size objects.
As for the people who are going to snap and start hurting others.
It will continue to snap pictures and laser-map the topography, as well as take readings of the planet's magnetosphere.
Things are so bleak that there is even talk of a snap election this year.
But the sun did not snap out of its slumber as expected.
Plus, painting tips and tricks that make doing the job yourself a snap.
Governments should have laws supporting freedom of information, including the right to snap and disseminate photos, he said.
Snap a few pics in the lobby photo booth before heading out.
We are harvesting tons of snap peas, a few zucchinis have appeared, and the pole beans are going wild.
And with a river running by the forest, getting water is a snap.
These ghastly little nibbles are rich with cheesy flavor, and a real snap to make.
Using your cell phone to snap photos on the fly is incredibly convenient.
Basically it's a two-ended strap with a snap buckle in the middle and rings on the ends.
When it comes time to snap the picture, change the tempo and take command.
Unfortunately, no one has been able to snap a clear picture of the beast.
The policemen slide a deadbolt, and snap a padlock shut.
Maybe they need to see other human people before they snap.
Their sudden disappearance may have been caused by a cold snap or ice age and their sudden appearance during a warm snap.
You'll never guess the secret ingredient that gives them extra snap and crackle.
Many people park along the highway and then suicide run in the traffic to get to the sign and snap a few photos.
Although uncoiling depended on the quick snap of elastic tissue, the recoiling action depends on muscle contraction.
Slowly move back and forth and you'll see parts of the image snap in and out of focus.
When the line of sight between the two is broken and re-established, it will signal the camera to snap a picture.
In short, you'll be able to snap some creepy pictures.
Amazing, look at the science how they make snap decisions about the motivations of others without data or reasons to back it up.
If your bike has a quick release mechanism on the axle, it's a snap to install, and doesn't require the use of any tools at all.
Snap the sides into a fold and cut through the board's interior mesh, as shown.
He never uses cold-snap, cloudburst or under the weather.
Installing one of those prefab, snap-together wood-flooring kits is a lot easier than shaping and sanding rough planks.
It could snap a series of shots as the flash warms to full brightness and then drops back off.
The quarterback receives the snap from the center and fakes a handoff to the running back.
With your dominant hand, as quickly as you can, snap your fingers five times.
Frayed nerves would then start to snap and produce a marked increase in the detective's business.
In the wind their limbs cast, creak against each other, snap.
We would drive for fifty yards, jolt to a stop, snap into action.
Although they often snap at vultures in the process, they rarely harm the rival scavengers.
These crustaceans can close their giant claws so violently that they snap shut with a deafening sound used to stun prey.
After a moment of stunned quiet, tourists at the site busily snap pictures with cameras and cell phones.
Never be satisfied with your first view of a place or the first frame you snap.
Commercial cleaners might dissolve grime in a snap, but safer methods work, too.
Cameras snap license plates, and hefty fines are levied on those who venture into the city by motor vehicle without a permit.
Brains don't fail in obvious ways, as bones do when they snap or skin does when it rips.
We make snap judgments about strangers based on their faces.
Don't talk about global warming in the middle of a record cold snap.
He cannot snap his fingers and make laws spring into existence.
With such riches to choose from, you might think it would be a snap to put a bunch of blogs into a book and call it an anthology.
Peasants on vacation snap pictures, and there are occasional protests.
When pushed the rest of the way down, you snap the picture instantly.
She would snap her wrist and send it somersaulting through the air.
He submitted this snap last night on his way home from dinner.
They return to a centralized location, making recharging a snap.
First up, you snap a picture of yourself sitting down.
And when their jaws snap at each other, a softer croaking sound is produced.
They let you snap sharp photos of your pals at the pub no matter how bleary-eyed you're feeling.
Dustbins, brushes and filters are a snap to clean and replace.
When their predictions turn from cold snap to heat wave, say, it can play havoc with the forward price of gas.
In less high-minded places, voters and politicians may well snap their purses shut much sooner.
Snap decisions more often than not turn out to be the right ones as commanders kick-start the dormant military machine.
The telltale snap of its door brands the user a cultural dinosaur.
It has a ready light that tells you when to add the batter and its nonstick plates are a snap to clean.
The ability to snap pictures on the go is being curtailed.
People with cell phones snap pictures and take videos of strangers.
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