Sitcom in a sentence

Example sentences for Sitcom

The ingredients are discussed and compared, not wolfed down and whipped past so you can watch your sitcom.
There was a sitcom a couple of years ago in which they showed an interesting way to potty train their kids.
If one has to put things in the context of sitcom episodes, then something really is wrong.
Pick a sitcom and watch a whole episode, or start a movie and complete it across four or five feedings.
It's refreshing, for once, to see a sitcom relationship that actually seems to be built on mutual respect and honesty.
These moments feel lifted from some long-lost sitcom pilot.
Traditional sitcom characters are supposed to become caricatures of themselves.
Yet conversely, no network has suffered through a worse sitcom drought.
The one flaw in an otherwise airtight sitcom premise.
They're all here not making a film, not writing a book, not selling a sitcom.
He enjoyed writing, listening to heavy metal, and watching television sitcom reruns.
Nine years after his sitcom, he's about to resurface.
These people might have been engineers, or sitcom writers, or chefs.
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