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Over the years, many people have tried to simulate the winds of hurricanes and measure the effects.
The screens can also be flipped to simulate turning the pages of a book.
Instead, they simulate the atmosphere alone-feeding it with estimates of what the sea-surface temperatures will be.
The researchers used two loudspeakers to simulate the voices of a pair of duetting wrens to other birds.
Water droplets encased in fat simulate cell membranes.
The app can also be used to simulate violins, drums, and several other instruments.
In this lesson, students simulate the effects of alcohol on their vision and motor skills.
One hopes that the interrupter would then feel that it was no longer necessary to simulate being a disruptive student.
The figure above uses these findings to simulate the effect of a yuan appreciation on producer price inflation.
Researchers used an engineering technique to simulate how much each snout was stressed and strained during feeding.
We can simulate brains now, but perhaps not to a useful level of detail.
Going underwater isn't the only way to simulate weightlessness.
The first showed a mouse that had part of a tibia removed to simulate an injury so severe as to require amputation.
The goal is to test the hinges, and simulate the openings and closings that would take place over a ten-year life span.
Starting with a few human cells, tissue engineers simulate the environments that allow cells to develop into viable tissue.
Brush a leg back and forth to push off, or reach forward to simulate a nose grab.
They must either shorten the round trip to a few months, or create a craft that can simulate fractional gravity.
Corporate war games, which simulate the interactions of multiple actors in a market, provide a better way to do so.
Then they evaporated it, to simulate what went on at those volcanic coasts.
To simulate years of usage, bulb makers rely on heat.
Unfortunately, with the holidays approaching, you might have to simulate an informed opinion on a few that stand out.
It will be used to simulate the behaviour of nuclear weapons.
Students simulate the trading of goods between countries.
To simulate betrayals of trust, the researchers set up games and rigged them.
These digital artifacts simulate proximity and help maintain social ties.
It all began when for the first time an artist tried to simulate the appearance of depth on a flat surface.
They had previously used the model to simulate past ice ages.
Such a vast environment is almost impossible to simulate in a free algorithmic format.
Militaries and governments simulate and role play this sort of thing all the time.
When that phase of the project is completed, computer models will simulate the effects of various changes in climate.
It can simulate thousands of weather scenarios, based on years of records.
The idea is to simulate the human birth process by manually moving the fetal head through the pelvis.
Currently, scientists do not understand what drives drastic changes, which in turn means they cannot simulate or forecast them.
Actually, what you could also do is simulate the smaller sample by drawing from the larger sample.
The blasts are designed to simulate the impact of nuclear explosions on subterranean missile silos.
One room is devoted to a frightening display meant to simulate an antiquated medical examining room.
It will be used to simulate nuclear test blasts at an unprecedented level of detail and speed.
It was a mock ceremony, with a log wrapped in furs to simulate a body.
Humans may however simulate hovering in water, as their submerged weight is relatively small.
Before you spent a single cent on a project, you should simulate its chance of success.
Played on oversize boards depicting terrain maps, the games let players simulate battlefield tactics.
The other is that it's the amount required to simulate the universe on a quantum computer.
Back then, people wrote chess programs to simulate human thought processes.
Have one member of the pair move their end up and down to simulate a wave.
Traditional readers complain that e-reading can't simulate the look and feel of a quality book.
The latter is essentially monochrome, colored green to simulate more traditional night vision technology.
He had asked interns to come up with a range of short and long names to simulate the actual ones.
In it, users simulate the daily activity of human characters they create.
Scientific researchers use it to find oil, simulate brain waves and forecast weather.
In the first case, when perusing the contacts list, the device would rumble to simulate a clicking wheel.
Figuring out how to simulate that effect remains a still taller order.
He injected hot steam into the electrified chamber to simulate an erupting volcano, another mainstay of our primordial planet.
By the end of the year, the researchers expect to be able to simulate a climate model on tens of cores.
In the foreground are motors used to simulate wind turbines.
So the engineers can simulate conditions along a humid, hot coastline at sea level, or atop an arid and cold mountain.
What's more, he showed that one a-machine could simulate another a-machine.
Instead, they pricked and then twirled the toothpick to simulate a needle going in.
But the model does not easily simulate the poorly understood cycles.
In addition to arcade games, virtual rides simulate gliding through the air or shooting the rapids of a wild river.
The flight is largely a test of navigation systems and the pilots and engineers are expected to simulate a wide range of failures.
Instead, you pressed five colored buttons on the neck to simulate fretwork, and flicked a bar up and down to strum.
The experiment was designed to realistically simulate the experience of a shopper.
He has estimated the number of computations necessary to simulate a human brain.
It allows us to simulate high-explosive detonation to a level of detail unimaginable even a few years ago.
Other exceptions may include the proposed use, in historic neighborhoods, of tinted concrete to simulate bluestone or granite.
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