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When you shine light on a substance, part of the light is reflected, part is transmitted and part is absorbed.
Or maybe they had enough talent to shine in any light.
Because the planets are so close to their suns, the star shine may burn off a haze that also obscures light, he says.
If the beam is centered directly between the cells, equal amounts of light will shine on each of them.
Stars shine by nuclear fusion-the merging of light atomic nuclei to release energy.
After all, its first two changes alone will shine enough light on murky practices to revolutionise the gem trade.
Researchers can't shine a light on them because that disrupts their behavior, but they can't see them without light.
One way to compute its value is to shine light through a gas-filled container.
They have flaws, and he's got to shine a bright light on them.
They shine the light onto the cut to activate the dye, leaving it on for three minutes.
The lasers shine on the mirror, and the mirror reflects the pixel of light onto a wall or other surface.
Usually, projection displays shine white light through a color wheel, and then it's projected onto the screen.
Even if you shine a red laser at a blue piece of paper, only red light is reflected.
By continuing to shine light on the mirror, you have complete control over its position and momentum.
Let me tell you a story that may shine a little light on your question.
Shine and transparency are two big trends for spring, and there's one material that combines both qualities: clear vinyl.
The stars, freed from the shine of the big nighttime flashlight, stood as precise bright dots.
Revisions to earlier quarters took some of the shine of the news.
In the new show, though, it is the ichthyosaur's time to shine.
Striking in borders, especially where sun can shine through blades.
Somehow, however, he has managed to shine a veneer of impartiality on the entire muddle.
Now her eyes shine and her face is filled with a broad smile.
Almost all stars shine as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.
Scientific illustration is as strong as ever, and there's room for so many less rigorous talents to shine.
Stars shine so brightly that any planets orbiting them are lost in the glow.
He may have stretched his paint, but it appears he also lessened how long it would shine so brightly.
Whatever accompaniment you choose, tomato water lets its colors shine through but packs a wallop of supporting flavor.
Let the sonic shine in with accurate, smooth old-school stereo components.
The same sensor is used on a boat to shine a beam off the tiller bar, using the reflection to measure the angle of the rudder.
For something so distant to shine so intensely in our sky, it must be incredibly bright at its source.
If your personality is exuberant and your personality is brilliant and you shine a lot, you can get your name the first day.
Natural elements shine in the garden's furniture and d├ęcor.
Social butterflies who shine at parties may get their edge from special genes that make them experts at recognizing faces.
It also allows unprecedented insight into how stars shine.
He likes hiking through the redwoods and visiting the national parks rain or shine.
But even in the midst of a recession, some emerging technologies shine so bright that investors can't resist.
It is my job to place them in positions where they can shine.
The problem is that the sun does not shine all the time.
Find out which characteristics shine on their own and which make good blending ingredients.
There will be less anxiety all around once the device is of an older generation and has lost its shine.
Most of the time the outstanding proposals shine through, and the clunkers are quickly identified and eliminated.
From small boats, they shine bright spotlights across the water, searching for the unmistakable golden shine of crocodile eyes.
Or shine the same with a yellow spotlight in the sky.
The trick here is to keep the supporting colors neutral and allow the vibrant hue to shine.
If you have kids and no help, and you think that you can still shine in your field, forget it.
The piece is fired in a kiln multiple times to melt and solidify the enamel, and finally it is polished to a lustrous shine.
For those whose lights are flickering, let's find a place where they can begin to shine with an even glow.
Shine a flashlight in a lemur's eyes at night, and they'll glow back at you.
Walker's plants grow in well-spaced clusters, allowing their natural forms to shine.
Our fall apparel guide gives the goods for an all-purpose wardrobe come rain, shine or campsite downtime.
Look for fantastic little finds that let your personality shine through.
Below, twin azure lakes shine against the obsidian setting.
Where possible, let sunlight shine directly on affected surfaces.
The clouds shine because they are high enough to be lit by the sun from below while an observer stands in twilight.
Adding a half cup or so of vinegar to the rinse water will increase shine if that's the look you're going for.
One area where the coupe does shine when compared with the roadster is cargo capacity.
On the winter solstice, moreover, the rays of the setting sun shine straight into the monument's center.
Shine one in someone's face, and your target should immediately get the message that it's time to back off.
Our fall apparel guide gives the goods for an all-purpose wardrobe, come rain, shine or campsite downtime.
Solar happens at peak power needs and it can be fed wood pellets if needed and the sun don't shine.
Best advice here is to ignore these people versus helping to shine their estate up.
These should be backed up with millions of solar lanterns, which shine by night and recharge by day.
Real cars driven on the track to end all tracks for a whole day, come rain or shine.
Incidentally, contrary to what's said in the first paragraph, there are stars that shine without using nuclear reactions.
Since grey hair can be so unruly, a clear coating can smooth that out a bit and add some shine.
Where these tariffs shine is for larger installations.
Even those employees who remain highly productive will be likely to shine only in a narrow field.
If you don't think this affects the climate, you've got your head where the sun don't shine.
He is nimble and appealing enough to shine in the campaign and the forthcoming leaders' debates.
They spend many hours preening their feathers for a shine fit for a shampoo commercial.
The manufacturer says this new feature gives the ball the same feel whatever the playing conditions, rain or shine.
The cameos are soaked in olive oil to prevent them from becoming brittle, and then polished to reveal their shine.
Corals and fish shine in sunlight trickling through to the shallow-water reef.
We take a torch, shine it on the sail to make ourselves more visible.
And if they lose this game, it can't help but take a little shine off that stunning victory four years ago.
Constant clicking rubs the shine off anyone's glamour.
Rain tomorrow, but tonight the sky is clear, the stars shine.
The actors here are bright, but they don't know how to shine.
They're calling for the consortium to change its ways dramatically by opening up its membership and letting the sun shine in.
There is much to be said for allowing the sunlight of diversity to shine.
And these colored fires burn all day long and shine far at sea.
Stars shine by fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores, a process that gradually uses up the star's hydrogen fuel.
All it did was shine a little red circle, he says, but it was enough to prove it would work.
The translations are uncertain, too-but no doubt the humor will still shine through.
There's been a suggestion that the cloud will shine even more brightly than can be explained simply by increased density.
However, he's apparently taken a shine to you, and you seem willing enough to defend his position.
The narcissism that once awed the world with its leather shine and gleaming enamel has let itself slide.
The fabric is opaque translucent so the taillights shine through, and small motors pull the fabric back to reveal the headlights.
Cost of consumables is one area where lasers really shine.
He did this rain or shine but especially during rain and early morning winter darkness.
The actors here duly shine, their characters and relationships are convincing.
The hydrogen obtained from water can then be stored and used in, say, a fuel cell to produce power when the sun does not shine.
When interest rates eventually rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold will go up, taking off the shine.
Their lederhosen were well-worn, with a shine and patina that spoke of years of loving use, in non-ironic contexts.
The seductive color and shine makes these lips camera-ready.
The staff of the hotel will give your shoes a shine each night, as well as provide same-day dry cleaning and laundry services.
Clean design lets images shine, and users can post up to six files at one go.
But you also give the hot white lights that follow you everywhere, so that they shine on problems that grow in shadows.
The linoleum that had been greasy and sticky, with the occasional crusted food spot, was buffed to a smart shine.
Heroes who shine in the face of great adversity, who perform an amazing feat in a difficult situation.
Daniels' doesn't shine any brighter than what's currently up there.
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