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Lightly filtered shade is cast by intricate canopy of twigs rather than by tiny leaves, which are shed early.
Tears shed because of exposure to a cut onion would contain no such substance.
Today's economic downturn has shed light on why ensuring data control, quality and efficiency is critical.
The study of living things may shed light on urban planning.
Snakes add a new rattle segment each time they shed.
Lizards will often shed their tails to escape a predator.
No matter what you do, the tree is going to shed needles destined to become lodged in the bottom of your foot.
If the shed goes well, the skin releases in a single piece, as shown below.
Shed a thought, though, of whence this economic strength.
During the more moderate summer season goats shed this coat.
Several studies shed light on where aggression comes from and how it can be controlled.
Blue-green pots on the patio provide a cool counterpoint to a red trellis on the shed wall.
Chill out and shed typical western ethnocentrism and you will enjoy it here.
Spare a thought and shed a tear, though, for those working in insurance.
Only the males have antlers which they shed and regrow each year.
They attain a maximum unsustainable size and shed a portion of themselves.
The fossil may shed new light on that evolutionary question.
And the comparison can shed light on the role of the wealthy in society.
Solving moon mysteries could also shed light on the history of the solar system.
First dino footprints found in the region shed light on sauropod herding behavior.
Redwood lattice battens and a shed roof create the rustic ranch-house look.
Fur, wool, or down-don't shed your winter coat anytime soon.
Quantum nonsense: clarification of some words might shed light on the silly stuff.
Around the same time, a cardinal had discovered himself in an old mirror we'd left leaning against a little shed outside.
Greenery and a garden shed creates a sheltering screen.
Have no idea, please shed some light on the subject for me.
It was nonetheless the first time the economy has shed jobs in over two years.
On shore the blocks are slid up a ramp and onto a horse-drawn sled that ferries the blocks of ice to the ice shed.
The culprit was the beautiful mono cultural timber plantations whose shed leaves poisoned the surface waters of local streams.
Any research that can shed light on how to work with people so affected would be a big help.
She created three outdoor rooms: a living area, a shed office, and a dining space.
Frankly, this talk didn't shed any information that would keep me on the edge of my seat.
Office workers are encouraged to shed their business suits in favor of sandals, khakis, and pedal pushers.
Refining theories of lunar geology may help to shed light on the moon's origins and evolution.
Learn about simple machines while playing in the apple shed.
Now scientists have shed new light on how these magnificent beasts came to be controlled by humans.
Archaeopteryx have been highly prized for their potential to shed light on the origin of birds.
Such studies of human movement could also shed light on the spread of disease and the origins of local dialects.
Scientific study could shed new light on the interactions.
The younger cats eat it exclusively and have the best fur and hardly shed.
In the past months, two independent groups may have finally shed some light on the mystery.
Other group members have already shed their costumes in favor of their street clothes.
Scientists have shed new light on how these structures melt.
Not getting enough shut-eye could be interfering with your ability to shed unwanted pounds.
And antlers are shed and regrown each year while horns are not shed at all.
The new findings could shed light on how other deadly pathogens operate.
The resulting footage has shed light on rarely seen mating behavior, captured on film perhaps for the first time.
You're under no legal obligation to wear a pedometer or shed pounds.
To restore confidence, hedge funds have tried to shed their reputation for being fly-by-night operations.
Billed as an exposé, the video does little to shed light on the cloning controversy, according to its makers' own admissions.
Though it may need crutches, it will shed its leaves in autumn and bloom again next spring.
So the survey included special questions for non-users, to shed some more light on the subject.
Reconstructing the diet of extinct human species can help shed light on our evolutionary history.
Unable to shed staff, firms give employees meaningless jobs instead, to try to nudge them out.
Ultimately, understanding how a bird learns a song might shed some light on how humans learn a language or a skill by imitation.
The point is that in putting on a uniform and going to war, a soldier grows skin that he does not shed lightly.
It helps if they're pollenless, so they don't shed on your furniture and carpet.
Many shed businesses that they had bought only a few years before in their headlong rush to be a conglomerate.
The results could shed new light on an animal that is rarely seen outside the darkness of the deep.
The rise of online social networks, with their troves of data, might shed some light on these matters.
The study also finds that people who are overweight can take some easy steps to shed pounds.
New research may shed light on the stellar explosions used as cosmic mileposts.
The virus is not shed through the lungs, as with chicken pox proper.
The light shed by incandescent bulbs was bright, white and steady.
Curiosity may help shed some light on all-important methane.
Rather, they are produced by bits of dusty debris shed by orbiting comets and asteroids.
Messenger's instruments should help settle the question and shed more light on the early history of the solar system.
The gabled and shed-roofed house recalls fishing cabins.
If property insurance expires in mid-sputter, insurers have the chance to shed their risks before claims erupt.
But a summer holiday can also be an opportunity to shed weight in company.
The first thing they need to do is shed some common misconceptions about the meaning of entrepreneurial capitalism.
Allied is not alone in trying to shed bagpipes and tartan in favour of drum machines and spandex.
To retain investors, hedge funds have had to shed their cloak of secrecy.
More research may shed light on what exactly causes, and prevents, trauma.
Perhaps all he needed to do was shed some rust after sitting out nearly four months.
Lobsters go through a molting process as they grow during which time they shed their old shells and produce new ones.
Scientists say the find will help shed light on how early animals evolved limbs from fins.
The discovery may also shed light on the little-understood aging process.
The observations could shed new light on how dinosaurs evolved and how their muscles and blood vessels worked.
Studying differences between tool-using and non-tool-using capuchins may also shed light on how tools affect social behavior.
Tracking technologies have also shed light on condors' social nature.
When they shed their coats in the spring, the tangled hair falls off in mats.
But the results of a new study may shed light on the matter.
In that respect, it may also shed light on diseases such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Their images provide new clues to explain how such enormous stars shed material at such a tremendous rate.
Here is a great series that helps us shed a little light on that.
Since their exoskeleton is not shed, molluscan shells must enlarge to accommodate body growth.
They brought me bitter news to hear and bitter tears to shed.
It is the wisdom of crocodiles, that shed tears when they could devour.
The coward may begin hostilities, but the brave are left to shed their blood in the quarrel.
Her tears for his irregularities were not shed in vain.
He hung about the farm, bandaged up from his wounds, until the last of the extremities had vanished from the shed.
He had gotten me to cut a watermelon for him and a pal from a patch behind a shed.
Under the tiled arcade housing a bread oven as big as a garden shed, musicians unpack their instruments and tune up.
The surveys are the latest effort to shed light on what has been a complicated year for college admissions.
Unlike many other feather products, ostrich feathers are shed painlessly by the birds.
But convergence goes only so far-there's no reason to think that either party has shed its basic outlook, or ever will, or could.
They brought me bitter news to hear, and bitter tears to shed.
Meanwhile, you should certainly go and see it for yourself, and also shed a tear for what might have been.
Newt, who started out as a moderate, may shed another skin when the pain of the budget revolution kicks in.
He might not have been able to break his iron chains, but he could shed them.
The economy shed three-quarters of a million jobs in the president's first month in office.
If it improves the sentiment of businesses and consumers, then their spending won't decline as much and fewer jobs will be shed.
They are perpetually shed from the surfaces of solids, as bark is shed by trees.
That's why credit-card companies have had to rein in their lending and shed accounts.
Take a breather, do some inner accounting, shed worn skin.
Nadine's father had a shed out behind the store, where he worked at repairing and restoring furniture.
The rest of us have to make do with a memory shed, or a mildewed memory cupboard filled with memory junk.
First, however, she had to take a few minutes to shed her wings.
The tears you shed arrive once you realize and accept all the self-exposure going on here makes you feel vulnerable, too.
He stations himself in midstream as cars begin to flow toward the auctions shed.
For a decade his career was obscure, and in later years he never shed any light on it if he could help it.
For one, the old shed where trainers saddled on rainy days is gone.
Before it died, the convulsing star apparently shed its gaseous aura, which then lit up after the explosion.
Both organisms live on shed skin flakes, secretions, and bacteria provided by humans.
The two biologists studied the silk gene to shed light on hundreds of millions of years of spider evolution.
Genome sequencing and painstaking field observations shed light on the intricacies of how evolution works.
His findings have implications for evolutionary studies and may even shed light on the shape of extraterrestrial life.
But few patients have the willpower to shed that many pounds.
But their stories are also instructive, for they shed light on a number of basic questions that concern all of us.
Given how highly motivated she was, it wasn't long before she shed the unwanted pounds.
But when one or more fish began lingering overhead to feed, the creature shed its cyst, often within minutes.
They thought the gene might shed light on the prospect of normal human aging.
It may shed light on the age-old question of time's arrow.
There's a brick work shed where tools are stored and the visiting archeologists sleep.
Their evolution and our own show some striking parallels that may shed light on how our ancestors diverged from other apes.
In the process, the fossil bone shed some fragments.
If he is right, this theory may also shed light on the function of dreams, and even on the mechanisms of memory itself.
If that research pans out, it might shed light on some other connections we've noticed.
The author of this article is not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Even whales and snakes are tetrapods, although they shed their legs long ago.
The findings are already beginning to shed light on these diseases and are being used as a tool to test new treatments.
And implants may also shed light on some of the brain's unresolved mysteries.
The findings should shed light on the cognitive effects of these drugs.
But of course if such a relationship frequently reveals pain, a zealous acolyte of sweetness might prefer not to shed light on it.
Many shed tears at the sight of the renovated church.
Parallels between the ants and ourselves are striking for the light they shed on the nature of everyday human experiences.
It will almost certainly shed resources, which often means laying people off.
In the bright light shed by family disaster, few marriages look good.
With the last engine safely in its shed, the plateau falls silent.
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