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Those theoretical days were long past by the time explorers and settlers crossed the desert.
Then after the first wave of conquerors come the second wave made up of settlers.
The country when opened will be a healthy abode for white settlers.
Tells about promotion of the area and about several droughts which discouraged settlers.
The freeze has been applied patchily, but settlers and their backers are hailing its end as a moment of triumph.
His critics say they are half-hearted, too, because ideologically the prime minister sympathises with the settlers.
Critics allege that settlers are plucked from cities to which they migrated and end up worse off.
The plentiful supply of land once available to settlers moving west is one example.
Even after the fertile ground had been snapped up, the settlers still kept coming.
Before long the first settlers move in and start to look for ways to make a quick buck.
These were destined for the altar of a magnificent stone abbey the settlers planned to build.
Yet this was a rare event in a society where individual decency ran against the grain of the settlers' culture.
Archaeologists are filling in missing details of how and where the settlers lived.
On the heels of the gold rush, however, had come other settlers.
Perhaps they followed settlers who suppressed fire, allowing trees to grow and providing nesting pockets.
He bought land along these routes, on which he planted seedlings, which he would willingly dig up to sell to arriving settlers.
One afternoon at the river camp three settlers appeared in a dugout canoe, drawn by the universal impulse to gawk at disaster.
T hey were not the first white settlers to come to the area.
Another theory, however, is that they cost so much that the early settlers could not afford to buy them.
But the hardships endured by its settlers raise questions about the resources and political will to sustain such projects.
The sagas, on the other hand, portray the settlers in a favorable light.
The myth that few settlers survived this crossing inspired the name of the valley.
The settlers are no longer outsiders or squatters as they once were.
These are streptococci, the first bacterial settlers in the film that saliva deposits on your teeth.
Remember that many of the original settlers fled a nation that was wracked with religious war.
At first, the new settlers built log cabins-or they lived in dugouts or even in their wagons for a while.
Everyone told the first settlers this was the wrong place to build a city.
Punitive raids as well as the spread of diseases brought in by settlers decimated their ranks.
It became the final resting place for many early settlers and other well-known people.
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