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Example sentences for Scrolling

Scrolling up and down looking for a question is a bit too much of a cognitive task when there's a committee on the phone.
Collapsible or expandable categories for easy scrolling.
It makes tasks such as scrolling and typing feel more tactile.
If there's a problem with the tablet, its the less-than-stellar performance when scrolling in apps and playing games.
Scrolling text can be an effective means of ending or beginning a presentation.
Video is smoother than a freshly oiled veal cutlet, while scrolling through the music library is a breeze.
Scrolling downward on the page was fairly smooth, with only minimal clipping.
Too bad the database is hidden behind a clunky scrolling interface.
Swiping upward or downward with momentum enables scrolling in a browser.
So you suffer through the slowly scrolling program guide.
For example, scrolling over results reveals a pop-up balloon in which you can glance at the contents before clicking.
She stepped behind the cardboard voting screen, and opened the voluminous ballot paper, carefully scrolling down.
The wide, curving staircase with scrolling iron balusters and railings.
It requires lots of scrolling to get to the next item.
But scrolling down and up the page to see who wrote what makes for a difficult reading experience.
Scrolling happens automatically if point has moved out of the visible portion of the text when it is time to display.
Place you mouse over a scrolling event to stop the scroll.
Scrolling means moving up and down within a web page or other computer window.
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