Scrabble in a sentence

Example sentences for Scrabble

Some experts have argued that the animal used its wings to hop and scrabble about in trees rather than for powered flight.
Their legs would scrabble around and they nearly choked themselves trying to get off.
Or it can stop paying unemployed workers, and let them scrabble around for something.
These redistricting battles may be even more annoying for voters, forced to stand by while partisans scrabble over turf.
Preventive health care has already become neglected as the township hospitals scrabble to make ends meet.
Hordes of freelance miners scrabble for ore by hand, wash it in a river and sell it to local smugglers.
Much of the time, the accordion gathers dust, while its owners scrabble for a living and die horribly elsewhere.
The indoor lounge has a gas fireplace and a scrabble board and pool table for recreation.

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Playing "bop" is like playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing.... more
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