Satire in a sentence

Example sentences for Satire

Its impossible to watch any kind of western satire with her.
Shows range from political satire to performance puppetry and admission is by donation.
Parody would be a first cousin, a satire on an actual work of art.
Otherwise, the opportunities for satire and mortification are much too delicious.
These articles make for good satire, but the fact that they're written under a pseudonym allows for fiction.
The imaginary society is simply the vehicle for satire and criticism of things as they are.
The poem in its mock heroics is a sly satire of the grand manner of the romantic epic.
The story is tightly narrated, with some well-turned yuppie satire.
The sensitive author at once set about revenging himself by satire.
The old blackout-sketch-blackout routine was replaced by a new form in which satire and current events merged before your eyes.
Indeed, the trend is now so well established that it has become the object of satire.
They're easy marks, and easy targets for satire too.
Each season, its satire not only gets sharper, its characters become better drawn.
There are many ways of doing that, from open revolution to open derision, from flaming pitchforks to fiery satire.
Maybe concentrating on science leads to a reduced capacity to recognize satire and sarcasm.
For centuries, social and political critics have used satire to make their points.
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