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She never doubted she was the only means of their salvation.
The site's daunting inaccessibility may be its salvation.
It is believed that a dip in its waters cleanses all the sins and is the surest way to achieve salvation from the cycles of life.
It wants you to worry about sin and salvation, while it controls your mind and restricts your thoughts.
What a cowardly belief to wager gods existence and your own eternal salvation based upon mathematical reasoning.
Weight loss is usually presented as some kind of road to personal fulfillment and salvation through self-control.
We need not reform them, stigmatize them, or show them the path to salvation.
Divorce does injury to the covenant of salvation, of which sacramental marriage is the sign.
The online, private, for-profit model is not the model for the salvation of higher education.
It is not a coping mechanism but rather the path to salvation.
Nerds, geeks, and techno wonks will see problems through salvation of technology.
It is our path, our way of seeing the world, our consolation and salvation.
It is now one of the first to point the way to salvation.
But the rains never arrived, and the crops that promised salvation have failed.
In stage four the problems are clear enough that firms start grasping for salvation.
The global recession, he argues, is merely the latest effect of a tendency to confuse happiness and salvation with prosperity.
Downturns expose old shenanigans and encourage new ones, as executives gamble for salvation.
Struggling makers of flat-screen displays seek salvation in mergers.
It could help, obviously, but in the end salvation was for the euro zone to figure out for itself.
Investors battered by scandals over stock-options and golden parachutes sometimes look to family-run companies for salvation.
More and more people see migration to the wealthy zone as their only salvation.
Downturns expose old shenanigans and encourage new ones, as desperate executives gamble for salvation.
He presented his welfare reforms as salvation not punishment for the chronically unemployed.
The gunfighter always pays a tremendous price for bringing salvation to the people.
It all requires deep pockets, and the church digs into them for one reason only: the salvation of the dead.
It can leave parents not only aggrieved but desperate to find any cure, any salvation.
Imagine a world in which salvation grows in an incubator.
But when it comes to storage materials, synthetic additives are a conservator's salvation.
Post-Apocalyptic works don't require that salvation never comes, so that they're rescued at the end is besides the point.
That's the only salvation for you--for a while yet, maybe a long while yet.
Singing should have been her salvation, and perhaps it was.
In this situation the power of eminent domain is the only salvation.
The situation nonetheless was beyond salvation, and chaos on the promenade was intense.
Churchgoers were concerned with religion not only as a means to salvation but also as something that could enrich their lives.
Salvation for him meant escape from endless labour for the acquisition of useless things.
He never ceased to break to them the bread of life, and to feed their souls with the important truths of salvation.
But fraternal charity overruled this inclination, for he could not remain indifferent to the salvation of his neighbours.
On it is all our reliance for the salvation of our own souls.
Without this, the salvation both of the pastor and his people is equally in danger.
He was indefatigable in pressing the great truths of salvation.
They were his soul mates, his salvation, and his cause.
In our own lifetime modern architecture has been hailed-and it has failed-as an instrument of social salvation.
Salvation in this text is certainly related to knowledge and revelation, but it is also a matter of ethics.
It is progressively permeated by the language of religion, by a dread of evil, and by a desire for personal salvation.
They come to college in search, not merely of knowledge, but of salvation.
Of course, salvation comes in the form of the short, blue-faced heroes.
It's that star-crossed time when our species seem to collectively reach out for salvation.

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