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Given that it is distinct from the research plan, my suggestion is.
Here is a suggestion to address both the short-run and long-run problems.
But, seriously, thank you kindly for your suggestion.
Suggestion is not precise enough, though it has indeed been used with that meaning.
There are also these snails-and this is a serious suggestion if you are in a dire state-that live near dried up water holes.
None of these advances or the suggestion of future advances has come without controversy.
My suggestion is to pick one near you, and get involved.
His suggestion that recruits tend to come from poor areas, though widely believed, is debatable.
The book's suggestion of four minutes makes more sense.
However, your suggestion of scraping off the mold cap before rinsing the seeds would clearly reduce the amount of rinsing needed.
Deep in the medical literature, there's another suggestion.
For all the heat, there is no suggestion that anything illegal has taken place.
And the suggestion that dominant males have longer stamina, while unproven seems to be logical.
The suggestion that the bone might have belonged to a terror bird only sweetens the fossil find.
But such a suggestion itself only raises further questions.
The suggestion provided in this article is, in my opinion, hardly adequate.
Another suggestion is that there were two more or less coincident eruptions, one each in northern and southern hemispheres.
Such a suggestion is not as outlandish as it might have seemed only a few years ago.
The suggestion of the article that the vocal cords must have airflow in order to produce sound is inaccurate.
The off-the-shelf suggestion is as a solar collector which captures almost all the light energy that hits it.
It's certainly an interesting suggestion that a paradox of self-reference could emerge here.
The pair caught all kinds of flak from military and intelligence officials for the suggestion.
One suggestion is that they should be prevented from owning shares in the companies that they track.
The suggestion that coal fired generation complements wind is not a good example.
Palm took the suggestion seriously enough to respond to it publicly.
The latter suggestion has been dismissed out of hand.
Thanks but no thanks for the suggestion if you are serious.
My suggestion would be for you to read the posts on this site debating thank you letters before you send one.
One suggestion that does pop up from time to time is that the process which leads to autism involves faulty mitochondria.
Its delicious perfume carries with it the suggestion of a better world.
So, my next suggestion is to hire on for one of those firms that does inventory.
Companies, of course, would strongly disagree with this suggestion.
Any suggestion that the plant might be medically useful is politically controversial, whatever the science says.
In fact, it is counter productive to make such a suggestion.
The suggestion is that that wheel would be used to roll a flexible panel in and out.
Our group began at the suggestion of a former graduate adviser.
Some startling statistics reported at the conference bore out this suggestion.
Robot and the suggestion that their idol's writing style was less than divine.
The suggestion of going to the research office is an excellent one.
In the case of the light-switch puzzle, the suggestion was that you turn one switch on for a while, then turn it off.
Any suggestion to the contrary is bourgeois nationalist claptrap.
But even that reader's suggestion promotes a prejudice.
My suggestion to you: please proofread more carefully.
The suggestion that this technology is better suited to urban areas seems backward to me.
Therefore, the suggestion to do an honor's thesis makes a lot of sense.
The suggestion of fiddling public finances flummoxed and infuriated him.
One nurse suggested it might have been a kidney stone, a worthy suggestion.
Allow me to offer a suggestion, from my perspective as a longtime faculty member and a former administrator at community colleges.
My only suggestion would be that the coat be longer.
Struggling for a third idea, she pulled a canned project idea off of a project suggestion website.
Perhaps you missed it on your first reading too, but the authors are making an extraordinary suggestion.
And those of you that can propose my suggestion because of your credentials, please don't feel ashamed to do so.
Here's a suggestion to improve the energy efficiency of tall buildings.
So far the known dinosaur remains that preserve relevant anatomy fit neatly with this suggestion.
The suggestion was that the deuterons--hydrogen nuclei bearing an extra neutron each--making up the heavy water were fusing.
Your earlier suggestion of using electric car batteries for grid backup storage was demolished in an earlier forum.
After thinking the matter over for some time you then offer the following suggestion with which to test simultaneity.
The double versions and the anacolutha in the text has given rise to the ingenious suggestion that the translation was dictated.
The end of which is that there is a suggestion, a suggestion that there can be a different whiteness to a wall.
Merely asking a question, or making a suggestion, is not considered as speaking.
It was greatly weather-worn, and that imparted an unpleasant suggestion of disease.
If, for any reason, such as taking an early morning train or ship-an early morning wedding might be a good suggestion.
Every dark form in the dimness had its ominous quality, its peculiar suggestion of alert watchfulness.
But the unlucky suggestion met with fierce and unanimous opposition.
He made no intimation at the time of the proposition, nor did he in his reply allude at all to that suggestion of mine.
If you aren't digging a song suggestion, give it a thumbs-down.
The statement stressed that the government objects to any suggestion that it could not be trusted with information.
Each respondent was asked to make one suggestion to the government.
The findings, say the pair, are consistent with the suggestion that smokers are driving farther to alternative places to drink.
Rather, the suggestion is that demand for central city life has grown relative to demand for suburban life.
Although my second suggestion only addresses the first of those problems, my first suggestion has both covered.
Some observers regard any suggestion of even modestly elevated inflation as a form of heresy.
The suggestion that wars are bad for the deficit sounds unfeeling.
Some envious outsider made the suggestion that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins.
One practical suggestion: try variations on your search.
He was a far-fetched, dim suggestion of a burlesque upon me, a caricature of me in little.
And the filing shows some suggestion of strategic debt management.
Everyone immediately agreed that this was a brilliant suggestion.
After five or six hours of such pampering, the sauce is but a suggestion.
He had long, dark bangs and a suggestion of whiskers on his upper lip.
The next day, my uncles joke that they'll take me out for some more, and the suggestion is enough to make me retch again.
It seems to me, in retrospect, that there was much to be said for their suggestion.
Criticisms included the suggestion that he would be more successful if he had videos and if his music were electronic.
Magda has met this suggestion with the scorn it deserves.
They are definitely resisting making the suggestion that the treatment is worse than the disease.
Indeed the suggestion is a false choice fallacy, a third theory may be the correct one.
Not only is this likely, but it is more credible than the suggestion that space is stationary.
Your suggestion is one of the many ideas which is good.
The suggestion is that both are in the realm of pseudoscience.
One suggestion was that it's due to the shock wave as the supersonic missile blew through the tenuous upper atmosphere.
Our committee felt uncomfortable at the suggestion, though, and spent three meetings discussing it.
First, recognize the difference between a suggestion and a threat.
Apparently plenty of people are heeding that suggestion, because the site has nearly four million members worldwide.
As a memorization exercise, see if you can match each suggestion to its respective body part.
More and more, though, the rich are setting themselves apart with affectations that communicate wealth merely by suggestion.
My suggestion to newspapers everywhere is to give the public a reason to read them again.
Lisa waves away this suggestion as preposterous, and opens the door to the lounge.
Someone made the suggestion that perhaps the president should call the new majority leader.
He seems especially pained by the book's suggestion that there was no funeral and is no record of burial for his father.
My first suggestion is to keep everything as simple as possible.
The suggester will receive their suggestion number by email.
Please complete the below form to submit your suggestion.
The term experimental aircraft carries an ominous suggestion of danger.
There is no easy way of handling political speech that carries with it a suggestion of menace.
One reasonable suggestion he endorses would be to raise and lower capital requirements as financial conditions change.
The first piece was cut only after his suggestion that the book was too long.
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