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Example sentences for STONY

Despite their stony appearance, coral reefs are fragile, living things.
It is to be feared that their seed was scattered on stony ground.
With an anatomical rustle that soared into the murk of the stony vaults above them, all bowed their heads.
Since she didn't know the language, they wouldn't have to speak or ask any questions of the stony-faced people around them.
Immediately his empty sockets return a gray, stony stare.
His eyes were bent fixedly before him, and throughout his whole countenance there reigned a stony rigidity.
Here no stony ground provokes the wrath of the farmer.
These signs of life are unmistakably distinct from their stony tombs.
Every year new generations of corals build their homes on the stony remnants of their ancestors.
It is about the size of a coconut, with a slight snout and a thick brow visoring its stony sockets.
Megan sits on the bed and watches the first few minutes with a stony expression.
She never averted her stony eyes from the faces of her onlookers.
Stony ridges rise up from ravines, dry riverbeds and hardly vegetated plains, and curl around each other.
Blood flows from his side in a stylised stream, bringing life and healing to the stony hill below.
Meanwhile, acid oceans eat away at stony corals' skeletons.
Stony corals are marine invertebrates with skeletons of calcium carbonate.
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