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Having no hive to defend, they're not aggressive and rarely sting.
The sting from the sap was almost unbearable, and dousing my eyes with water did nothing to help.
Most sting-treatment products feature vinegar, the best remedy for jelly venom.
The pound of marijuana had been supplied by the local sheriff's department, as part of a sting.
The flavor is lightly sour, with none of the harsh vinegar sting of many unflavored yogurts.
It runs elaborate sting operations to try to prevent corporate officials from trading on inside information.
In a sting operation he confiscated video-poker machines from allegedly mob-connected taverns and put them in a secured room.
The frog believes it is safe because it would not be in the scorpion's self interest to sting it midstream.
Soon the fumes wafted up to our position and our eyes began to sting, forcing us to return to our apartment.
But such comments were always kindly or marked by a light and playful touch, devoid of sting.
Red currants are soft and juicy, and so acidic that you can feel the sting in your back teeth.
Still less has he evinced any desire to sting and then die.
Snow crystals sting my face and coat my beard and the ruff of my parka.
The blue orchards rarely sting and, because of their solitary nature, do not swarm.
As the image loses definition over time, the emotional sting subsides as well.
Despite their sting, these unkind memories eventually slacken their grip.
We produce tears in response to insults to the eyes-the sting of onion fumes, a tiny insect that flew into your cornea.
The fishermen as they waded near shore had to be careful lest they should step on a sting-ray.
Hence the efforts to dilute his doctrines, or interpret them in such a way as to remove their sting.
He feels a sting in his gut and reaches to cover it.
So he has started an online service that, he hopes, will remove much of its sting.
Yet even benign change can come with a sting in its tail.
The monsoon rains of the past month will help draw some of the criticism's sting.
In nature, drone bees are poor, useless things that produce no honey and have no sting.
Yet all these techniques come with a sting in the tail.
But it has been standing so long, the insult may have lost some of its sting.
The wounds of recession are often made more painful by the sting of litigation.
For people who are already forced to fly coach, hearing about other folks getting compensated for their trouble must sting a bit.
The past month's monsoon rains will draw some of the criticism's sting.
And there's always loser who will feel the sting of loss.
All jellyfish sting, but the stings of small specimens and those with short tentacles often are not painful to humans.
Scorpions are known as desert-dwellers with a venomous sting, but non-desert species may outnumber their relatives.
And although reports of serious human injury are rare, there are records of people dying from the creature's noxious sting.
The octopuses are immune to the tentacle's painful sting.
It might be alluring, but a rare flower hat jelly's lilac-tipped fringe can deliver a painful sting.
The officers and troopers involved in this sting were seasoned.
It has a song and a sting and ah, too, a wing humming its minute evanescence.
The joking took the sting out and eventually the kids grew out of it.
And if you thought she was seductive over the course of two hours, imagine the sting of an entire season.
He bewitches a courtroom with charm, wit, and a deadly sting.
Many insects are armed with venom, which they can inject into their enemies via a sting.
However many intake valves they clog or swimmers' legs they sting, jellies aren't turning the oceans acidic or warming them up.
The brief paralysis caused by the first sting gives the wasp the luxury of time to deliver a more precise sting to the head.
Sadly, not everyone lets the sting of reality affect their prejudices, but that's another story.
When he believes that church and state are intermingling in the military, he goes in with a sting.
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