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Example sentences for SQUAD

But they had the fewest strikeouts of any squad, so they're essentially a relentless contact-hitting team.
It's not so much an all-star team as it is a fantasy-league squad.
His broom saved more lives in the crowded tenements than a squad of doctors.
The van was towed away for further checks by the bomb squad.
The coaches didn't cut anyone from the squad that year.
Watch her form a debating squad and produce a readers' theater program.
What's sadder is that students are part of the gag-squad.
Another benefit of not using voice commands is that you can scroll or zoom wile talking to other members of your squad.
Corruption is rampant and the central government is only keeping things moving by threat of prison and firing squad.
Along the way, he was dragged before a firing squad and caught in a cyclone at sea.
The squad tries to teach the elephants that the forest is a safe zone where they will not be pursued.
Nearby, a special police squad uses undercover agents to catch traders in illegal wildlife.
About noon there arrived a squad of camels laden with food and drink for the distinguished guests.
He is standing before a firing squad with a cigar clamped between his teeth and not smiling, exactly, but smirking.
The inside story of how scientists saved medical workers from the firing squad.
The hotel serving the questionable lasagna used to be a favorite dining haunt for the local police squad.
By changing enhancers, it can simply redeploy the existing squad of genes in new and interesting ways.
The officers called the bomb squad and took positions behind their cars, guns drawn.
Information regarding rescue squad member license plates.
The main benefit of a cold case squad is that it reduces the backlog of unsolved homicide cases.
The lieutenant ran to the nearby fighting position of the platoon's second squad.
The pep squad appeared vindicated after the first week.
Behind one set of lockers, the squad discovered a mop handle and had it sent out to the crime lab.
Eric's mom was surprised to see a squad car pulling into the driveway.
They relax after twenty minutes with no sign of the vandal squad.
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