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Example sentences for SPOOL

Machines cut nails and formed the tip and head in one step from a long spool of steel wire.
As it emerges from the back end, the plastic sheet gets stuck and begins to spool back on itself.
Demonstrate the idea with a ball of yarn or spool of thread.
Its amazing what you can get for the price of a spool of copper.
The spool will roll toward you if you keep the twine parallel to the table as you pull.
In appearance, a chalk line an spool of string encased in a metal body that has powdered chalk inside.
Between the middle and rear funnels, was a spool of brown thread.
The use of the lifter allows the spool to be supported at a wide variety of heights during the refill process.
Twin-spool jet engine compared with a conventional design.
Stick the pin through the piece of cardboard and push the pin through the hole of the spool.
Ensure that there is adequate access to all spool racks.
Fasten one of the erasers to the string and drop the string through the empty spool.
Once all of the thread on a spool is used, the spool is recycled.
When the smaller removable spool was full, it was replaced with an empty spool.
Welding to the outer jacket of an evacuated spool voids the warranty of that spool.
Surfaces covered with a variety of tactile patterns: horizontal siding, a variety of shaped shingles and spool-work.
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