SLIME in a sentence

Example sentences for SLIME

Covered in slime, the pirate fisherman slumps on the ground.
And his mat- ted wet hair and dIrt-smeared body suggest that he has crawled through slime to reach his father's gate.
Another showed an arm holding up a guitar dripping with water and slime from the flood.
Eventually, the fluke is excreted in the snail's slime, which is conveniently eaten by an ant.
All the other attendees squirmed in their circle, especially the slime molds.
But out of the rottenness and slime grew much that was vigorous and good.
Some branches are literally rotten, their concrete walls covered in slime and window bars rusted.
Television smears slime laterally, coating everything.
There's even a variety that subsists on the slime left by snails.
The organisms, or foraminifera, are similar to algae or slime-molds.
Students skip slime, stink with virtual dissection.
Prolonged scrubbing with soap had no effect on the slug slime on her hands.
Hagfish filmed choking sharks with slime, and actively hunting fish.
There is a condition in wastewater treatment often called slime bulking.
Some animals use slime in order to help them move, as in the case of snails.
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