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Yet, they are similar since they all contain the necessary ingredients for tropical cyclone formation.
But though they have a similar structure to some tornadoes, they form much differently.
Accounts of similar animal anticipation of earthquakes have surfaced across the centuries since.
Similar species occur nearby in space because they have descended from common ancestors.
Inform students that some animals, such as some bats and whales, use a similar method to find out what's around them.
Subsequently the birds avoided all similar-looking frogs, even those that weren't exact mimics.
These are made of skin stretched over long bones similar to your fingers.
But scientists have been puzzled to find that neighboring plants not being eaten by the insects send out similar calls for help.
But a swarm comprises many small, similar-size earthquakes.
Ask students to consider how exclaves and enclaves are similar and different from other landlocked countries.
Popular campgrounds can also have serious mistletoe infestation for similar reasons.
Let's say you're using similar methods for a number of experiments, which will be published separately.
She was excited, eager, and thrilled to meet people who cared about similar issues.
Since the themes of the conferences were similar, one might imagine that they would generate discussions that were similar.
While the specifics change, fund-raising letters often look remarkably similar.
The motivating factors may be similar or different for everyone.
Higher rankings indicate that the two populations are more similar than different.
The share of the overall cost covered by each source was similar to the previous year's results.
Coincidentally, a department chairman had written with a similar request a few weeks earlier.
One of my colleagues was hired during the same time period and was misled in similar ways.
Similar ideas are getting attention around the world.
Merely highlighting the scale of the problem should provoke similar inquiries elsewhere.
Over the past few years the world's two biggest retailers have made surprisingly similar errors.
If this eruption continues for a similar length of time, it would seem fair to expect something similar.
Several other state legislatures have taken up similar proposals.
And all the courtiers knew that they, too, were only one step away from a similar fate.
They are found in rotting logs, stumps, bark and similar microhabitats on all continents.
The painting can be read from left to right, in a sequence similar to a three-act play.
But the presence of the wattles has long been a puzzle because they haven't been shown to serve a similar purpose.
The majority of courts have a similar architecture of two parallel walls along the sides of the field.
The butterflies' similar appearance imparts the don't-eat-us lesson more efficiently.
In some of these quilts, patterns of similar color combinations are uniformly repeated.
The main stem then enters the inferior lobe, where it divides into ventral and dorsal branches similar to those in the right lung.
Images of interacting immune cells reveal structured connections similar to the ones neurons use to communicate.
So they were of a similar age and genotype as nurses in the colony and they could smell the brood pheromones inside the hive.
Two of the sections were of similar lengths, which remained relatively constant over all the trials.
It may seem familiar because it is extremely similar to a single event stored in memory.
The bigger overhead, they say, is the time needed for editors to check papers flagged by the software as suspiciously similar.
We tend to forget memories that are similar to one another-remembering instead more novel events or information.
Furthermore, the cursor trajectories were more curved when the words sounded similar.
Yet these populations had names for disorders that appeared strikingly similar to schizophrenia, alcoholism and psychopathy.
Many readers indignantly pointed out that animals may feed or protect other, unrelated creatures in a similar fashion.
Warm-toned fabrics are similar in color to the walls, and green concrete fireplace tiles act as a counterpoint.
If you want your favorite accent piece to stand out in a room, choose colors that are similar but softer.
But its stems were woody and its habit is described as similar to a mounding lantana.
Vines that twine, climb by tendrils or coiling leafstalks, or scramble are pruned by similar methods.
But you can achieve a similar subsea effect in other areas by experimenting with hardier succulents.
Polypropylene however, is destroyed simply by burning, because its calorific capacity is similar to that of oil.
They don't look much different in nursery containers, and catalog descriptions sound similar too.
He then identified similar bacteria in yogurt that produce a reliable sourdough starter.
Unite unruly stacks by showcasing a collection of objects of similar shape and color.
From there, it leads to a respect for other places that radiate a similar sense of specificity.
It might leach zinc that, similar to copper, can act as a natural root pruner.
When finished, it'll have a wonderfully rich texture, similar to that of cream cheese but lighter.
Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.
He's done something similar with the dollar and the yen.
Similar incongruities make up the story of human life.
The intimate contest for self-command can apply to pleasures as well, and for similar reasons.
They were all fifteen or sixteen years old, they had similar backgrounds, and their records showed no previous convictions.
They have shown that all human beings are incredibly similar genetically-much more so than other species of large mammals.
Their motives are similar: extended storage that saves time and space, and good flavor results.
The control group, who did not receive the intervention, had a similar distribution.
Similar episodes follow, and they lend the book a kind of giddy causelessness.
The two operas were written side by side, and exhibit similar strengths and weaknesses.
The adelgid is a tiny bug similar to an aphid, and is parasitic to hemlocks.
Writer tells about a similar test that he and a friend came up with.
Of course siblings would tend to be more similar than two random individuals off the street.
The cortex and mushroom bodies play similar roles, and their arrangements are somewhat similar.
Similar bots may one day clear clots in blood vessels.
When the lobsters experienced a field similar to one located north of their home area, they headed south.
These same demonstrations have been used to sell similar products for decades.
Hobo venom produces symptoms similar to those caused by brown recluse venom.
The memory test compared increasingly similar objects.
He expects that similar sequences may show up in human biology as well.
Forty percent had the disease, and a similar number revealed evidence of a brush with the virus.
He regards this as part of our general psychological need to bond with others similar to ourselves, even if the other is a dog.
The phrase refers to modern species that are uncannily similar to extinct ones.
The last national census, based on self-ascription, indicated a similar figure.
The fat acceptance movement makes similar arguments.
Today a similar argument is made against tackling global warming.
He wanted me to know that he had recently been scheduled to perform an operation on a patient whose condition was similar to mine.
Similar to actual illegal substances, sandwiches are delivered by bicycle and sold on street corners.
But somewhat similar with that gorgeous natural light, and the exhilarating fresh air.
The rub is that he leaves behind a similar sense of frustration.
Critics say it causes side effects that are both more frequent and more severe than those caused by similar drugs.
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