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Authors must decide the rule for terminating data collection before data collection begins and report this rule in the article.
Easing a disclosure rule that has been burdensome for private companies should be done by tweaking, rather than gutting.
Final decisions on any rule revisions are not expected until then.
Bizarre, then, that the catalyst for all this outrage is a rule change that is long overdue.
The administration also withdrew a proposed rule that would have weakened air pollution controls for coal-fired plants.
Everyone is connected to everything these days and gadgets rule our lives.
These predators and their kin have come to rule the netherworld between dry land and deep water.
There can be only one top-dog collider in physics, one ring-shaped machine to rule them all.
The rule in human development, though it took a long time to recognize, is diversity.
Another general rule is to sow seeds twice as deep as the seed is wide.
If you want to invoke the second law, there are no exceptions to this part of the rule.
By these perfidies, he has verily shewn himself to be unfit to rule a free people.
As a rule of thumb, it is safest to bury a seed no deeper than its length.
But shipping industry officials say more studies are needed before any new rule is implemented.
First, a general rule of body size and nutrition needs to be accounted for.
Thorns, sparse foliage rule it out of tailored gardens.
The doomsday rule is now more commonly known as the doomsday algorithm.
If you are making refrigerator pickles, then you don't really have to follow that rule.
Don't rule out the bottom shelf, you can find good-value bulk wines there.
Every experienced public speaker knows that the basic rule of persuasion is to tell a good story.
Bonobos are more peaceful and tolerant and females rule.
Automakers don't expect the rule to dictate how they should comply.
They were adding days to the year in order to extend their own rule.
There was a rule about electron flow in a magnetic field.
There is probably a university rule against double-dipping.
The external fellowship itself might have a similar rule.
Carry the argument to an extreme, and the rule of parliament gives way to the rule of the mob.
It's the cardinal rule for any action-sports enthusiast.
With his eponymous rule now on the table, he has changed his tune.
It is an argument that opponents of the rule have been making for weeks.
It is a similar axiom of democracy that politicians should be subject to the rule of law.
The corollary to that unbreakable rule is that you always send a dissertation abstract, even if the ad doesn't call for one.
True, oligarchs rule the roost in both countries, with politicians as their puppets.
Although a treatment exists, reinfection is the rule.
Grizzlies, which rule the wilderness all summer, are asleep.
The government thinks the rule hampers the free flow of capital.
In general, my rule is that if the snow is freshly fallen it's pretty safe to eat.
The photographer used the sweep of the dune to frame the plant and applied the rule of thirds in composing the landscape.
Fortunately vacant buildings are the exception, rather than the rule.
The machines that rule our modern lives have been around for less than a century.
The lesson is that our world may be an exception to celestial rule.
Nor does the concept rule out the need for some pesticides.
For decades the rule in consumer tech was that whoever packs in more features wins.
There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
We can then rule out many possible paths it may take.
For every general rule there are exceptions, however.
The rule excluding illegally seized evidence in court must be upheld.
As a general rule, many designers suggest buying a table that mimics the shape of your room.
As a general rule, start your control attempts with the less toxic products.
Some dry seed pods are excluded from this rule, depending on the plant.
The department used the data to develop a model for estimating the effects of the rule on different sectors of higher education.
It is also the right of every member who notices the breach of a rule, to insist upon its enforcement.
It may seem to the reader that a rule with so many exceptions to it is not worth observing.
Religion should be the rule of life, not a casual incident to it.
The rule of this holy founder consists of seventy-five chapters.
It does not suspend any rule, and therefore cannot interrupt business.
As a general rule no member can make two motions at a time except by general consent.
As a general rule, with the exceptions given below, every motion should be seconded.
The chair should never rule an amendment out of order unless he is perfectly sure that it is so.
The previous administration introduced counter-cyclical budgeting by a fiscal rule.
But few want to allow voters to write them: that would be not so much democracy, they say, as ochlocracy-mob rule.
He soon ran out of small things to do, and serious reform might threaten his rule.
Since the end of military rule, communal violence has increased, perhaps because the police no longer suppress it so forcefully.
The danger is that the gainful-employment rule will simply reduce access to higher education for poorer people.
If no one ever broke a rule and unquestionably followed the given outline, there would never be any advancement in this world.
In explanation, the researchers note that task switching seems to take place in two stages: goal shifting and rule activation.
The rule would apply to fossil fuel suppliers and industrial gas suppliers, as well as to direct greenhouse gas emitters.
Anarchy was the rule, and the rule of law was nonexistent.
The rule of thumb is the higher the value, the darker the color.
In the drilling safety rule, the government sought to codify some of the voluntary industry standards that already existed.
Until now, no one has been able to explain why trees obey this rule.
Low on food and tired of the quixotic rule of the autocratic master of the ship, they rebelled.
And with their unifying enemy on his way out, they'll need something more to bring them together to rule.
Every modern typographer agrees on the one-space rule.
The other half is much simpler, a list with one item: open war against anyone who resists his rule.
And when you are born to rule, you rule what there is to rule.
Now chefs, as a rule, don't hold on to any particular secret tricks.
In the next time step, however, each square changes according to a predetermined rule and the colour of the squares around it.
Apparently not, he says, but that doesn't rule out its presence.
Since there was no rule against automating the process, a few teams quickly realized they could compete better by using bots.
There's another unwritten rule: the puzzle must have only one solution.
But whether the rule is generally true has been hotly debated.
Its possible that a bird could be struck by a moving wind turbine, but it is the rare exception not the rule.
But interestingly, the observations do not rule out the main modified theories.
Insurers would be motivated to pay for tests that could rule out an expensive cancer treatment as unlikely to work.
But there's no rule of the highway that says accidents have to be head-on.
Eventually, old fashioned books will go the way of the buggy whip and the slide rule.
However, this does not rule out nonlinear effects that may allow small instabilities to grow rapidly.
Rue the day when rule of law displaces good manners.
Their rule was that a journal is important if it is cited by other important journals.
Few developers do, and there's work to be done to ferret out what separates the rule from the exception.
The price of oil does not matter in the world of electricity, coal and natural gas rule.
Science has long been based on the notion that law and order rule the universe.
As far as scientists can tell, this rule derives from the fact that the more body there is, the more neurons needed to control it.
If doctors rule out leprosy because the patient hasn't left the country, they could be doing them a disservice.
In populations subject to a rule of law the trait will both decrease in frequency and be suppressed.
It implies that the patient is highly unlikely to recover, but it doesn't rule out the odds of such a recovery.
The same rule applies to the teeth of some other primate species.
Under the railway bridge, the club's rule about not going out alone made sense.
But the carried-interest tax break upends this rule.
For years, a rule against copying your neighbor's order was observed fairly strictly.
There's a rule of writing that holds that the only rule of writing is to write what you can get away with.
Its character has been so far exemplary, showing maturity and good sense as well as a commitment to the rule of law.
But the government was increasingly seen as high-handed, ignoring common concerns and the rule of law.
To defy the equation would be to defy the rule of law, natural and otherwise.
There was, however, one important exception to the non-fraternization rule.
Patriotism, optimism, and scrubbed suburban living were the rule of the day.
Index of formal rule proposals presented to the public for review and comment.
Hence the adoption of the two-space rule-on a typewriter, an extra space after a sentence makes text easier to read.
Moreover, when dynastic rule achieved in this way was stable and prosperous, city life flourished.
Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized-the convicts even more so.
It seems to be a rule of tragedy that only in retrospect can you see the logic that led to your fall.
As a rule, they used to spend about half of their funds on serials and half on monographs.
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