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In this age the quiet surface of routine is as often ruffled by attempts to resuscitate past evils, as to introduce new benefits.
Knowing where to sit in the cafeteria became routine, and it no longer filled me with uncertainty.
Once delivery begins on a regular basis, monthly issues should arrive in a routine manner.
Nearly half could be helped by a procedure that's become routine in many nations-cataract surgery.
The pair was also beset with injuries, both routine and scary, that tested their resolve and resourcefulness.
Collins envisions a day soon when everyone's genome will be sequenced and included as a routine part of their medical records.
Float along with us through your kitchen, closet, and daily routine to figure out your water footprint.
Instead of relying on your usual routine, buy a special notebook in which to carry all your pre- and post-arrival notes.
As you head back to school, see if you can add a few of these tips to your school routine.
Kathleen finds that she is helped by having a particular routine for her first half-hour of the morning.
The convenience and affordability of the meal plan ended up being a great advantage to my daily routine.
In my mind there is a scene, distilled from many afternoons browsing these wonderful books amid the family routine.
No ritual or routine to get things done is effective unless it's effective for you.
Studies find that animals suffer even from routine handling and from living in a lab atmosphere.
It's probably not as effective as a dedicated sunblock would be, but it has the advantage of living quietly in my morning routine.
The fine should exceed the costs they didn't spend on routine things.
Alternately the authors could be given the option of removing their own duplicates with a simple authentication routine.
Given the difficulty of hanging the nets, it is unreasonable to expect people to follow this routine.
Outlandish phenomena that now occur rarely, if at all, will become routine.
Here's how it is: one minute, you're going through your daily routine, only half paying attention.
On cross, those questions are routine to impeach the testimony.
The first is routine space pursuits and the accidental breakup of objects in orbit.
Whatever choices you make, be sure to stick to your new routine.
Look for the difficult quad throw slated for early in the routine.
Griffin is using a newly developed pre-shot routine in which he dribbles the ball three times, and it appears to be paying off.
She fought tears after finishing her balance beam routine that went awry from the start.
Since then, cellphone use has exploded, and e-mail and instant messaging have become routine.
Not that many writers really have a good grasp on sanity, but the only way to aspire toward sanity is to build a routine.
Shaky and unsure, she practiced the routine six times, but was plagued by mistakes.
It is often symptomless, and can be detected only by routine measurement.
The cure of routine maintenance would have cost much less.
The dogs have had routine checkups and shots, of course.
The paradox: school killings receive enormous attention not because they are routine, but because they are rare.
Pretending it was part of the act, he got thunderous applause but had to perform a whole comedy routine in pain.
Yet technology for such virtual face-to-face meetings has yet to catch on as a routine business tool.
Scientists caution that extensive research needs to be done before the device can be used for routine clinical monitoring.
Rebooting has become routine for many computer users.
How exactly would the legal profession feel about an online agent available to answer routine legal questions.
Such postponements are routine and do not reflect political or strategic concerns.
The biggest problem in flying the airplane on a routine basis is boredom.
Sleep and a fixed routine are among the few luxuries denied him.
The other half will be much lower-paying, low-skill work in the routine service sector of the economy.
Many routine decisions are complicated by the unknown.
We needed, every hour, to understand that the fabric of routine covered unseen deceptions and enormities.
And when the skills you've picked up translate into a more wholesome diet and routine back home-so much the better.
But low-cost does not necessarily mean low-risk or technically routine.
Most of the nasty molecules produced by routine energy consumption in the body are oxidants.
And that's when the frenetic yet orderly routine of the emergency room began to break down.
But in both cases, the brain goes through more or less the same routine.
On my bike rides it's been routine to see the creeks in the area swollen to the point of overflowing.
Nature routine produces much more energetic collisions, and were still here.
The control group simply described a part of their daily routine.
People may have been starting to think the hoax was becoming routine so they needed to make it more interesting.
Every rack is different, making it harder to lock-up with your routine style.
Supercharge your workout routine with this two-wheeled cart that hitches to the back of a car.
It's a well-worn routine, but it builds excitement and suspense.
These sudden drops are now routine, and it's often impossible to determine what caused them.
But among professional musicians, both are tracked with the left, which handles behaviors that have become routine.
Games of appearance are the daily routine of diplomacy.
Aircraft engineers know a lot about how these cracks progress and keep an eye on them in routine overhauls.
But it is often more mundane, as officials demand bribes even to deliver routine public services.
Nearly half of the bill's value came from routine tax-policy extensions.
It has not explained why apparently routine business dealings are being treated as a matter of national security.
But law firms were often charging stiff rates for routine work done by trainees.
Absence from work blunts skills and the ability to adapt to office or factory routine.
Visiting their courtyards to mollify them becomes a vital routine.
Surveillance technology also blurs the distinction between emergency and routine operations.
Entrepreneurs are using new business models to revolutionise routine care as well.
The plethora of upcoming polls shows how routine democracy has become in this once dictatorship-ridden region.
They generally have more work experience and have an established routine around family responsibilities.
Flooding is routine, and may become more frequent and damaging with climate change.
They did not carry out the routine internal controls and daily reconciliations of the trading which is basic function.
Life and the world still held considerable novelty and mystery for me at that time, even when strongly flavored with routine.
The decision seemed obvious and, at the time, routine.
Its members are quite used to this admittedly demanding routine.
Even within the limits of such a debate, the arguments have been routine.
What happened next would have been the stuff of routine-procedures followed countless times.
The routine provided him with an opportunity to get a head start on his relentless observing, sketching, and note-taking.
The old blackout-sketch-blackout routine was replaced by a new form in which satire and current events merged before your eyes.
The general rule is that pregnancy is not the time to start or stop an exercise routine.
But the charge has become so routine that borrowers are dinged with it even if nothing was sent.
For many beginners, establishing an exercise routine can be a daunting, intimidating and even emotional experience.
By definition, vacations are a break from routine activities.
While this insurance can protect against medical bankruptcy, it does not typically cover routine, preventive medical care.
Rarely does something derail the nightly routine, although feverish kids have been known to be tucked in, sans story.
At this point, you need to start getting more systematic about your physical routine.
It's easy to tell people to make exercise part of their daily routine.
Such hospitalizations are routine on campuses across the nation.
Week after week she goes through the same routine without ever falling into autopilot.
Try to stick to your regular sleep routine, and if you must drink alcohol, do so in moderation and follow it with plenty of water.
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