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IT is not quite spring yet, but shad and shad roe are already in the market.
Fishermen harvest the rich herring population primarily for the roe.
On this day, the fishermen debate which is tastier, mullet roe fried intact in its membrane or chopped and scrambled with eggs.
Cut the pairs of roe in half, taking care not to damage the membrane.
And now the sister wept over her poor bewitched brother, and the little roe wept also, and sat sorrowfully near to her.
Direct observations of roe deer revealed that animals orient their heads northward when grazing or resting.
The same was true for roe deer, which the team observed first-hand.
Southern is a spring breakfast of herring with its roe.
Here the crab is served ready cracked and the roe adds a crunchy intensity that's offset by a light yet pungent sauce.
She also adds salmon bonemeal and roe to her mix, which boosts nutrient level.
Add the roe and cook gently for a minute or two, until its color begins to turn.

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