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Ritual purification at the command of a heroic leader is an ancient and powerful tradition in this part of the world.
Her usual ritual is to flip through the course booklet on her own, then call or e-mail her adviser with her plans.
No ritual or routine to get things done is effective unless it's effective for you.
Nonetheless, the ritual endures, an intimate reminder of the time before stealth applications.
It became a ritual for those of us who got jobs to donate to the binder.
To remember what special ritual dance you need to do in your specific discipline, you need to actually practice it.
In the first, which lasted barely a year, sacred practices and ritual objects were often depicted in a representational style.
Ritual art-used to connect with the spiritual world through prayer and supplication-can still be found in caves and shrines.
His findings of spacious rooms, ritual baths and the remains of gardens stunned scholars and the public alike.
Only after performing this purification ritual does he return to his camera.
But this bizarre strategy is all part of the mating ritual of the signal crayfish.
He intently watches every ritual, listens to every song.
The overly-stigmatized ritual is only problematic when junk food boxes and bags are emptied in a matter of hours, not days.
Then, lured by ritual prayer and song, the souls emerge from the water and the spirits are reborn.
At his best, he can make any ritual seem both unnatural and redemptive.
When there are no guests, the family still observes this ritual each morning.
Rather, grammar comes increasingly to be regarded as a mandarin code that requires only ritual justification.
The ritual has become pervasive enough and of sufficient consequence to warrant some discussion.
It's all about a revered seven-step skin ritual, each morning and night.
It is the practiced and familiar ritual greeting of mutual incomprehension and ancient contempt.
They pay attention to the heightened ritual of everyday things.
Before then, however, both parties must survive the cannibalistic ritual known as the primaries.
The same ritual is repeated at a dozen other government interviews.
Yet books had practical as well as ritual purposes: they were intended to be read aloud in church or at monastic dinner-tables.
Yet this is a carefully rehearsed and mutually comprehensible ritual for which both sides deserve credit, of a sort.
These types of incongruent and uncoordinated statements have been part of the day to day communication ritual in this government.
Now people enjoy the ritual to celebrate memorable birthdays or anniversaries or for no special reason at all.
The author joins in this ancient ritual and finds the worlds within more terrifying-and enlightening-than ever imagined.
Of course, it is because of some of these ritual beliefs that people continue doing it.
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