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Example sentences for Rewrite

We understand about the modern version of the book being a rewrite.
They began to rewrite history, steal from others, and it worked.
Explore the top finds and how they rewrite dinosaur history.
And that would support a rewrite of the animal tree.
And every once in a while, a whole chapter gets a rewrite.
In fact, the first couple of sentences in that paragraph need a complete rewrite.
They will also make it harder for partisan hacks to rewrite the story for political advantage.
Certainly it is easier to edit and rewrite papers electronically than with pencil and eraser.
Nevertheless there are powerful voices in the land which would rewrite history and undermine these revolutionary principles.
He seems content to rewrite history a bit more slowly than the younger generation.
The prototype plastic flash memory cannot match silicon's storage density, long-term stability, or number of rewrite cycles.
Any change can have unintended effects on other parts of the software, requiring programmers to essentially rewrite the program.
He will have an opportunity to rewrite without penalty.
The online course has one syllabus and outline that instructors may modify but not rewrite entirely.
Well, the best thing to do would certainly be to rewrite the sentence.
No one's talking about a workflow interrupting complete rewrite of your life.
In itself, this would have necessitated a drastic rewrite of accepted history.
And if something funny happened, if some actor did something, he would rewrite the entire script on the spot.
Our experiences don't actually rewrite the genes in our brains, it seems, but they can do something almost as powerful.
Believers say it is a discovery that will rewrite the history of the world.
There were ways to rewrite the coordinate systems such that the waves appeared to disappear.
But you cannot rewrite ancient history to make ancient gods match your modern view, nor can anyone else.
They rewrite the universe from the ground up, shaking up the status quo and leaving no sacred cow untenderized.
But the experts are being forced to rewrite their books.
To rewrite the curriculum, weekly meetings of multidisciplinary teams discussed what each subject could bring to a course.
So that the best way to remedy it is to rewrite it from scratch.
Stop dreaming about nullification as you cannot rewrite history even if you wanted to do so a billion times.
There must be a mechanism to rewrite the debt to manageable levels by consensus.
Before the invention of the word processor, every rewrite of this article would have cost him considerably more time and effort.
We'd improvise, and the writers would rewrite, and the next day we'd go with what they had written.
But that lowly status is on the verge of a major rewrite.
Still, patients and their families trying to rewrite hospital menus face formidable obstacles.
Political rulers everywhere rewrite and use history for their ends.
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