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Example sentences for Revelation

It is in the early days of rollicking boyhood that the revelation first burst upon one, all in a day, as it were.
Here is an enchanting revelation in the history of medicine.
On the basis of this revelation awed adepts make critical decisions about whether to buy or sell.
Translating many more of those poems, fifteen years later, was another kind of revelation.
Then, after a decade of teaching, came the revelation of his true power.
It was, in the truest sense of the word, a revelation.
Now take away roadways and the rule of law and add terrain better suited to a post-apocalyptic revelation.
The result is a thick revelation that's best sipped from a snifter or chalice.
For evangelicals, religious truth is divine revelation and nothing else.
Anxiety that such a revelation might never come again, as it were, conferred the precious gift of delay.
The expedition expected to find little more than bones-yet even discovering those would have been a revelation.
With every new revelation, it seems that the biggest career in sports is being reshaped before our eyes.
But there is an important revelation here: not all the health care in a high-cost community has to be out of whack.
And yet, the revelation of plagiarism did turn the book into an sensation.
The revelation struck me with the first shiver of cold.
It's an invaluable revelation that has yet to be incorporated into our approach to foreign policy and national security.
Both actors are a revelation here, meshing perfectly with their subtly written characters.
What a great revelation for all the alcoholics on the highways.
Audiences have lost the feeling for revelation and challenge that vital pop art once regularly provided.
Day's deportment when she's riled-her executive-battlefield forward charge, her double takes of disbelief-is a comic revelation.
The integration of music, dance, and script and the theatricality of the staging were a revelation to audiences.
The course of geographic revelation was never simple, never in a straight line.
Some technological revolutions arrive as revelation.
In the size-matters world of anthropology, these studies were a revelation.
The next revelation was a refreshing sense of emptiness.
It's not exactly a revelation that smoking is risky and get riskier the more you do it.
Our laws do not come from divine revelation, but are drawn up by jurists.
Suddenly comes another revelation from the past, spoken almost as an afterthought.
One is not free if one is the only one free, for the fact of freedom is linked to the revelation of existence in the world.
The delightful talk, the serene good nature, the revelation of the artistic nature-it's all wonderfully fine.
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