Retract in a sentence

Example sentences for Retract

But once the air bubbles retract and all you see around you is life.
The government was quick to retract its offer when red-shirt leaders amended their demands.
Within a few hours he was forced to retract this grievous breach of party orthodoxy.
The authors have therefore agreed to retract their paper.
When people are happy, their eyelids tend to retract, making the eyes appear larger.
Also it is a well known fact that once a theorem is deduced, there is no way for the theory to retract it.
It is a well know basic of logic that there is no way to retract what has been proved in logical theory.
Along with other expenses, editorial budgets must retract until they are rational or the publication will be shuttered.
Lie that have forced newspapers to retract their false accusations.
Something which makes my sheath retract and my talons ooze.
Please retract your article and post on a more appropriate political site.
The door closed before he could retract his scary grin.
Meanwhile, everything in the general area was fighting to retract itself inside my body.
The steering wheel and driver's seat automatically retract when the ignition is turned off.
The agent also said the reporter tried to get the newspaper to retract the item.
If it is not level, you will need to extend or retract the legs until you center the bubble.
When startled they retract into shells that are normally smooth and translucent.
At that point the legs will retract and the mining robot will move about on more efficient tank treads.
If ever they are shown to have made an error, they should accept this and retract any criticisms based on that error.
We may need to retract the service if traffic is too high, but we're happy to have you use it for building a proof-of-concept.
The clams are unable to completely retract the siphon within the shell.
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