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Example sentences for Restriction

Corporations were free to ignore the restriction if they were prepared to accept the tax consequences.
Tobacco companies are routinely threatened with every tax and sales restriction going, and are perennial fixtures on the list.
Here, the biggest restriction is going to be your budget.
But the idea of any further restriction on the strikes is laughable.
Such a restriction would not only be capricious, but also eminently unfair.
Bacteria do not make restriction enzymes out of the goodness of their hearts, nor to help catch criminals, of course.
The only restriction was an inability to self-nominate.
The only restriction is that applications must be built with standard web technologies.
Sleep restriction limits your time in bed, therefore increasing your body's drive to sleep.
But in the eyes of some students, such a restriction contradicts the entire point of the site.
Any ideas about the best hikes given this restriction would be appreciated.
The major problem with using graduate students to evaluate this theoretical perspective is restriction of range.
They do not want any restriction on such technologies to get in their way.
There should be no public health money wasted on sodium restriction.
For many jet-setters, this restriction is a career-buster.
Restriction enzymes cut what is being tested in precisely defined and predictable places.
But the property also comes with an unusual restriction.
The sound is caused by water's flowing rapidly through a narrow restriction or past an obstruction.
While a paper book can't spare space to print everything twice, there is no such restriction in an application.
The likely consequence of severe and prolonged environmental restriction and social isolation is psychiatric illness.
The origins of this restriction shouldn't surprise anyone.
Anaphylactic shock is a life-threatening allergic reaction that causes restriction of the airways and other symptoms.
There has been, is and will continue to be political restriction of supply.
Well, a restriction on the flow of capital is a restriction on the flow of capital.
Its should be supported by the system with out restriction.
To return to my argument, a restriction on corporate spending on advertising in no way restricts individual freedom of speech.
The obvious solution seems to be restriction of access to information deemed potentially harmful.
The next example shows goal restriction in the process of formation.
There's enough genuine restriction and censorship to criticize.
Early yesterday morning, though, the site removed that restriction.
However, every change was a restriction of some sort.
Each restriction enzyme recognizes its own specific sequence of four to eight nucleotide bases--the building blocks of genes.
Caloric restriction and exercise slow muscle decline in mice.
Scientists say that the research might also point to the long-sought source of caloric restriction's life-extending benefits.
Capsaicins inflame the airways, causing swelling and restriction.
Enticing research also comes from studies of caloric restriction.
It is important because it cleans the oil and is capable of filtering high volumes of oil with relatively low restriction.
She said the restriction was partly because the pharmacy was down to its last package and partly to discourage profiteering.
But corruption in journalism cannot be taken a restriction in freedom of expression.
Another impediment is the unnecessarily rigid restriction on speed.
To get around this restriction, the country's ruling couple have filed for divorce.
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