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It is said that by some strange quirk of biology, dog owners and their pets come to resemble each other.
We're not here to help our students make their minds resemble their laptops, fast and feverish.
Both have flippers that resemble paddles, which make them powerful and graceful swimmers.
Several plants in these woods resemble ginseng,so our task is not easy.
Though at first glance it may resemble other commuter vehicles, a few key features set it apart.
Chronic gout can often resemble rheumatoid arthritis.
The creep of regulation is one reason why hedge funds increasingly resemble more traditional investment managers.
It sports a beautiful flower believed to resemble the avian bird of paradise in flight.
In many ways, separation appears to resemble drug withdrawal.
So named because its finely divided leaves resemble a bird's foot.
Newfangled video-game controllers resemble cybernetic fruit bats.
Several other conditions may at some point in their course resemble gout.
In short, the website is coming to resemble television.
Ask students if they are familiar with any dogs that more closely resemble wolves.
These noises resemble the sounds made by hitting two round pebbles together.
And tasty viceroy butterflies are safe from birds because they resemble monarchs, which are unpalatable.
Fragrant flowers in late summer resemble scarlet heads of broccoli.
Some are deeply quirky, designed to resemble a headless dog.
It is often observed that enemies come to resemble each other.
Later she is done up to resemble a remote-controlled snowflake.
Though far beyond the range of human hearing, the calls resemble duets between birds or singing humans, according to the authors.
Fluffy white azaleas and hydrangeas piled in containers resemble snowballs.
Some studies argue that dogs can resemble their owners, but the research is debatable.
This, he says, is why the bay's once crystal-clear waters often resemble a pea soup.
Early observations of the fossil show that the threads resemble silk spun by modern spiders.
In fact, their brains closely resemble those of modern reptiles.
The soft-bodied animals, a fraction of an inch long, resemble twigs and gumdrops in shape.
They resemble hyacinths but are taller, with looser flower clusters and fewer, narrower leaves.
In some ways, today's new teachers resemble their graying counterparts.
The markets now resemble those nesting chicks that chirrup constantly for their parents to feed them.
Learn why these intriguing animals resemble monkeys but are really related to raccoons.
Many of the symptoms of hypothermia resemble those of a drunken stupor: sleepiness, clumsiness, confusion and even slurred speech.
The rig's perforated red beams resemble a giant segmented insect.
But we're still watching you, citizen, thanks to a spy panel cleverly made to resemble a dull and opaque window.
In the insect world, different species can resemble each other, even though they are not the same genetically.
Arguments over currencies, trade and climate policy will resemble a tug-of-war.
These fast, low-voltage brain waves resemble the ones that occur during wakefulness.
The researchers say that gibbon vocalizations more closely resemble those of rainforest birds in both sound and purpose.
Some resemble ears of corn, clam shells, and bugs while others are abstract boxes or blobs.
Ice particles stack together in sheets that resemble honeycombs.
Fruits somewhat resemble miniature blackberries and are favored by birds.
Unfortunately, the market does not always resemble the model.
These are snap-together circuits on pieces that resemble electrical schematics.
After weeks of writing and research, other cast members have come to resemble their chosen historical figures as well.
Flowers are followed by woody capsules that can last for years and may resemble rows of beads pressed into bark.
But in practice, it is coming to resemble a government piggy-bank.
Please explain how this order differs from mantids, which to my untrained eye they seem to closely resemble.
What will be indoors there hopefully will resemble sculpture.
Fruits somewhat resemble miniature blackberries and are favored b more add to my plant list.
But the pattern could also resemble other letters of the alphabet.
The effect can be gained by training on tasks that don't resemble the test questions.
They have long, thin, curving horns that resemble a scimitar sword.
The argument appears to resemble one of those wild and unsustainable conjectures.
Mislabeling is common, since many of these plants closely resemble one another.
But the next five years will not resemble the five preceding the crisis.
It really does resemble a castle and it really is on a hill.
Flowering stems have odd inflorescences springing out at right angles and said to resemble hovering mosquitoes.
Since then, however, the country has come to resemble an old-fashioned banana republic.
As their name suggests, stick bugs resemble twigs, an effective camouflage.
Some were kept in cages lit constantly, so as to resemble a never-ending overcast day.
The snakes' colors can resemble venomous coral snakes, and the creatures can mimic a rattlesnake's noisy tail shake.
Ask students to name some common behaviors of house cats that resemble those of their larger relatives, tigers.
It would resemble one of those monstrous creations of antiquity, half human, half beast.
His typewriter, if that's what it was, apparently didn't resemble the modern machine at all.
Bottom line, the two extremes here resemble each other more than either wants to admit.
Some songbirds also go through speech phases that resemble babbling.
These gap filling dark matter equations seem to resemble another type of dark matter to me bovine fecal matter.
Instead of being a collection of departmental silos, they could come to resemble computing platforms.
The fungus also infects the bats' delicate wing membranes, eating away at the skin until the wings resemble torn, crumpled.
And then there are instances in which lines of songs closely resemble musical phrases in the liturgy.
There are no limits on call times, and the resulting sessions occasionally resemble protracted talk therapy.
The different life forms described in the book in detail resemble the anthropological findings.
The sleek buses race between raised stations that resemble train stops.
We rate faces as more trustworthy if the images have been modified by computers to resemble us.
One key feature is that it has bone structures in the skull that resemble that of mammals that no reptile has ever had.
They say that as couples grow old together, they start to resemble one another, but this is ridiculous.
It may have come to resemble a video game, but it is one with no reset button, no next level.
Soviet-era apartment blocks abound, and resemble penitentiaries.
When you drift away from one of those conditions, the market ceases to resemble a free market in behaviour.
Silicon chips built to resemble the brain could shed light on its computational power.
Metamorphic semiconductors resemble the high-efficiency cells used in space.
Often the story that gets back around to the original story-teller does not resemble the original tale.
Even true immortality to accomplish this they would have to resemble echinoderms, such as sea urchins, except much more high-tech.
The drugs both resemble nicotine in their molecular makeup, but are missing nicotine's addictive properties and toxicity.
Most leopards are light colored with distinctive dark spots that are called rosettes, because they resemble the shape of a rose.
They have thin, disk-shaped bodies that closely resemble their equally recognizable cousins, the angelfish.
Descended from the wild vicuña, alpaca resemble a cross between a llama and a sheep.
Many stick insects have wings, some spectacularly beautiful, while others resemble little more than a stump.
Practice with family members, especially kids, as they often resemble fast and ever-moving fish.
For instance, sledging parties often encountered sastrugi, wind-sculpted snow that can resemble the surface of a stormy sea.
The building was constructed to resemble a historic fishing stage, a once-prominent type of building in this old town.
The wet coastal plain is formed into large polygons that resemble moon craters.
And so my nights superficially resemble those of other people.
In some ways, their relationship had come to resemble a co-dependency more than a co-presidency.
And unlike the picture symbols of ancient hieroglyphics, they do not usually resemble objects either.
They predicted the catch would resemble the interstellar gas and dust from which the sun and planets originated.
Without archaea to eat the dissolved organics, the ocean might resemble chicken soup.
Coral reefs can resemble underwater monuments, with strong towers and meandering walls that stand firm against the tides.
They also resemble brain images of people under the influence of cocaine.
The more they resemble actual human thinking and behavior, the more useful they can be.
But nearly half resemble humans in lacking visible signs.
The remaining rocky or metallic core would resemble a terrestrial planet in many respects.
Interesting research reveals that cities resemble brains in communications flow.
Which, to some, might resemble not having any training at all.
The best thing when you're a songwriter is to have your own style that doesn't resemble anyone or anything, and he has that.
Familiar enough on the surface, these stories leave one with tremors that resemble the start of a breakdown.
The usual objections to accessory lights is that they are too bright, distracting or resemble lights on emergency vehicles.
Indeed, in some ways, these unconventional thinkers resemble each other more than the less striking birds in-between.
Many of these state-run giants resemble old-style chartered companies.
In the past year, however, the middle ground has begun to resemble quicksand.
Even when departments are unchanged, government is increasingly coming to resemble a game of musical chairs.
Crushed wooden houses now resemble matchwood, scattered in every direction over swampy wasteland.
These western dynamics have started to resemble the process of natural selection.
However, when the crisis finally did come, the mechanism did not at all resemble the feared sudden stop.
The agents do not look terribly exciting: they resemble simple stick figures that move through a three-dimensional environment.
Flying would, in short, more closely resemble navigation at sea.
As a result, fungal proteins resemble nothing so much as animal proteins.
Our cities were destroyed and re-created to resemble a foreign country.
The makeup was smeared on faces to resemble battlefield camouflage and war wounds.
Because there is a clear line of demarcation, it may resemble an immersion burn.
Although javelinas may superficially resemble wild boars and domestic pigs, these species of animals are not closely related.
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