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Most of these images refine and distill an unease with the body that pervades real life.
All faculty and students are part of an ongoing effort to determine and refine the effectiveness of instruction and learning.
But refine the alkaloids in coca, and you get cocaine.
Future studies might further refine our understanding how long the planet was habitable.
The cerebellum uses the feedback from the muscles to help maintain balance and refine movements.
Police have raided the primitive laboratories that refine coca paste.
And the only way to do that is to adapt, and reshape, and refine.
And input from the human planet hunters is used to refine the algorithms, improving their performance.
So physicists have been searching for ways to refine the number.
And based on those improvements, industrial geologists can refine their models for exploring deep layers.
The process took centuries to refine and would take pages to explain.
The search has the usual bells and whistles to refine searches and a nifty map.
It can be helpful to refine your search by government agency, if you know which one supports the type of research you conduct.
It contains light crude, which is less expensive to refine and therefore worth more.
The terra-cotta statues are also a powerful example of how archaeology can refine and sharpen views of history.
But this itself is an important finding--hopefully one that will help other scientists to refine their own models in the future.
They didn't always account for the energy that would be needed to grow, harvest and refine the fuels.
Participate in small groups-meeting face to face-to refine your work.
At the same time, new ways to monitor sales are helping firms to refine promotions and special offers.
Since then, they have continued to refine and evolve the model using ever more sophisticated and faster computers.
Engineers and managers will meet this afternoon to further refine their troubleshooting plan.
The thermometer will also be used to refine computer models that predict the sizes of explosions.
Helping organizations refine their volunteer training and management processes.
There have always been skilled individuals prepared to modify and refine manufacturers' offerings to give them a performance edge.
Despite renewable diesel's advantages, it's expensive to refine any kind of fuel.
Canadians make the mistake of burning a premium fuel, natural gas, to endothermically refine heavy crude oil.
Such a game would not only refine the software used to encode the messages.
Putting a presentation or a manuscript together can also create the necessary momentum to help you refine and advance the work.
They cannot produce enough petrol to meet demand, and no one else is allowed to refine or import the stuff.
After the video, have groups work together to discuss and refine their examples and explanations.
Atmosphere within the platform can be precision controlled and monitored, to enable researchers to develop and refine the process.
Then you can use the tag links to quickly and easily filter and refine your searches.
Refine needed programs to meet the needs of their publics.
We should learn from this episode and refine an air traffic safety system that seems good enough for me.
To refine your technique, you may want to seek out a competent teacher.
It is much more likely it will be used to create and refine counter-revolutionary propaganda.
In the mean time, the firms that buy and refine crude oil are left holding the bag.
But in order for researchers to discover and refine new cell-based treatments, they need plenty of cellular subjects.
We put something out there, get reactions, then refine.
Apple has had the tablet field to itself for a year, allowing it to refine its offering and raise the bar for rivals.
Further research to refine mathematical rigor and make the observational measurements necessary is indicated.
All that's left is for engineers to refine some of the technology and figure out how to make the stuff in a factory.
But they do not drill, explore or refine the oil and process gas.
Now that they understand the science, he said, researchers can refine it to make the process commercially viable.
Producers with operations in many countries have more opportunities to test new shows and refine old ones.
Join in and help refine these concepts and chart a path forward.
The approach is simple, but it has taken decades to refine.
At a minimum, they could develop customer databases that they could use to refine their marketing campaigns.
They refine their methods, and search for new ways to maximize their illegal profit while minimizing their chance of detection.
If there are lots of doubts, questions, and ambiguities despite the use of a rubric then you need to refine the rubric.
The two students plan to refine and test their syringe model next summer, after they graduate.
In the second half of the saga, the doctors continue to refine their insulin serum.
Again, please post any references that might refine my perspective above.
However, industry watchers say there is real promise in efforts to refine the testing process.
There is still some work to do to refine these technologies.
Videotaping enables athletes to study their motions and refine them.
Heavy oil is also less desirable to the petroleum industry, because it doesn't flow easily and is harder to extract and refine.
But as mining ramps up, the oil companies need an efficient way to transport and refine their new stock of heavy crude.
We refine and refine until the recipe and plating are second nature, tasting constantly along the way.
If you move past the color-coding, however, then you can refine this view a bit.
They discover and promote emerging talent, and help established designers refine and enlarge their aesthetic and commercial goals.
It comes tumbling out and maybe then they go back and refine.
In preparation for the fight he tried to refine her style and tone down her tendency to brawl.
The mitral cells then refine the signals and relay them to the olfactory cortex, a higher region in the brain.
Astronomers will refine that percentage as the telescope observes more transits over the next year and a half.
The money they raise will be used to further refine their design, test it, and optimize its components.
Proof that there's a lot of perspiration to refine the inspiration.
Its primary purpose was to further refine engine technology, and also provide a rocket racing airplane.
The professionals took note, and gathered more data as required to refine the prediction.
One can refine this strategy, but at the cost of introducing theoretical bias.
We need to refine the orbit of the object, get the error bars lowered in our ability to predict its future positions.
He spent his career finding new ways to refine the performance of steam engines.
Even if no charter city ever rises in the country, the project has helped to refine and promote his ideas.
The chemists have tinkered with heat and metal catalysts to refine their materials.
The crude oil is there in abundance, but they can't set aside money to refine.
Several buffer layers of non-superconducting material are deposited on top to refine the pattern.
In this way the principles of diversification refine the way investors judge the risk of individual stocks.
Let's not forget that the efficiency of fossil fuel generating cars is damaged by having to mine, refine, transport the fuel.
Breeding among individuals with those characteristics and continuing external pressure further refine those features.
Perhaps they could team up with some of these enthusiasts and refine their studies and achieve more accurate and intensive data.
Once you reach a search results page that lists properties, you can refine your initial search in a variety of ways.
The new smartphones, sleek and fast, manage to refine and build on the options of their feature-filled predecessors.
In some ways, the process is similar to the one used to refine oil.
Catchpole has been approached by companies, but she wants to refine the technology further before commercializing it.
The gasoline bill does not show the kWh lost when used to transport, refine and distribute gas.
Well there is some truth in that, any process tends to get better the more you refine it.
Better to evolve, refine and expand the existing paradigm.
As powerful as they are, such tools as data mining help only to collect and refine the dots.
Lumina says it now plans to test and refine the framework, experimenting with it in a variety of settings.
Needs to refine several areas to make impact at next level, especially with reading defenses and looking off defenders.
Needs to refine skills to put him in position to play at the next level.
And they burn a fuel that takes less energy to refine.
Engineers will refine setups and devise race strategy.
The course has a driving range and practice putting green for players to refine their skills.
Particle physicists turn to enormous colliders to refine the model and search for particles that break it.
He and his team are helping refine some mechanical aspects of a new tool, a helical needle for operating on brain tumors.
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