Rationing in a sentence

Example sentences for Rationing

These type of articles are preparing the public for healthcare rationing.
Shortages of key cancer drugs is leading to rationing and hardship for patients.
To make sure there were enough vital materials, such as rubber and oil, the government started rationing.
Moderate rationing might be a prudent way to control costs.
Even my parents did the unthinkable and began rationing hay.
Rationing, long queues, bad tempers and violence have become commonplace at filling stations.
Subsequently bureaucrats, their pensions happily financed by such taxes, could prepare carefully graded rationing schemes.
For the time being they are rationing business visas.
Second, electricity rationing may keep output depressed for longer than originally anticipated.
So they did for the hydro-power companies, which were within days of enforced electricity rationing.
With people having little incentive to conserve, the authorities then have to resort to rationing when droughts occur.
It could establish policies and processes for the rationing and allocation of housing based on the needs of the people.
Opponents say they are a precursor to medical rationing.
It's not easy, what with the stringent rationing laws.
Years of rationing, scarcity and endless queues had taken a toll.
And he has, rightly, called for an open discussion of the health care rationing that is already widespread in our system.
But some patient advocates and politicians portrayed the review as a step toward rationing.
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