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Genome-sequencing contest renews regeneration research.
For years, scientists believed that damaged nerve tissue could not be repaired because neurons are incapable of regeneration.
Yet regeneration attempts have proved controversial.
Learn more about these amazing amphibians, and be sure to check out the video to see regeneration in action.
Damaged myelin actually has chemical inhibitors that can stop regeneration.
The games were part of a successful, longer-term regeneration.
Regular burning in some areas is preventing forest regeneration.
These lowland plants may start regeneration within two to three years.
Glucose-sensing enzyme in the cells, glucokinase, is the key molecule that triggers the beta cell regeneration.
The four squares on the right show older, damaged muscle cells before the hookup, and their regeneration after.
Net change will be similar to the forest regeneration following a natural fire.
Fires are an important part of the park's ecosystem and nature's cycle of regeneration.
The technique involves regeneration of nerve cells and brain-body communication.
And this will be the key to any successful rebuilding and regeneration projects.
Researchers now think that stem cells are responsible for tumor regeneration.
More surgery should enable his hands to open, and further nerve regeneration may waken some touch in his fingers.
Correlating ages with isotope levels revealed the regeneration rate.
He said it would now be worth trying to understand how the regeneration of heart muscle cells was regulated.
Despite biting rain and a falling temperature, the game provided regeneration for both players.
There is no indication of any regeneration after the destruction of the cell-body of any individual neuron.
He has found the enzyme that appears to trigger muscle regeneration when the organ is damaged.
They can instead be carried out with the aim of spiritual and cultural regeneration.
The night is a key moment for cellular regeneration as the skin's natural repair process begins.
Injecting a stem-cell-attracting factor encourages tissue regeneration, but sticking needles into the heart is dangerous.
The project has offered not only architectural but also social regeneration.
The tree reproduces through vegetative regeneration.
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