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It's been a bumpy ride from realism to believability.
Add realism to your map images, and produce presentation-quality graphics when you need them.
One was to combine an intense sense of realism with flamboyant brushwork-which gives his work a highly personal quality.
Had he ever descended to realism his comedies might have been open to reproach.
These plays should not be judged by comparison with the realism of the modern drama.
It lies, of course, in the combination of the strictest realism of detail with a fairy-tale unrealism of general atmosphere.
However, unless our students temper their dreams with realism, they will never achieve them.
Indeed, its importance may be not as a work of romance buttressed by facts, but as a work of realism encased in romance.
He brought an unprecedented realism and accuracy to astronomical art.
These two models are at the extremes of simplicity and complex realism.
The attribution of the problem to laziness and irresponsibility has only marginal merit, but lacks realism.
Actors and producers seek realism, with a little levity.
In the past his fiction has acceded to that urge for narrative tidiness, often at the expense of the truest realism.
When so-called realism was the literary currency of the day.
Much of your work has aspects of magical realism, even surrealism.
Political realism as well as human right demanded disestablishment.
Designers will have the flexibility of computer graphics with the realism of photography.
Of course, but this isn't the sort of show you watch when you're looking for gritty realism.
Let's apply moral realism to the question, seeking not to forgive but to understand.
True realism requires a dose of idealism and optimism, or else policy becomes immobilized.
Many rejected realism of expression in order to explore the unconscious.
Rather, its guiding principle is a clear-eyed realism.
For all its realism, the simulator cannot duplicate the gravity load of the climb, or the lack of it at the top.
From the beginning, publishers and game designers were locked in an arms race of realism.
That, to me, depicts scientific realism even though the science itself is hooey.
Initially there was a pattern of increasing realism and increasingly accurate portrayals of physical reality.
Shooting in the state where the show is supposed to be brings a realism to it.
Of course this devotion to the cause of realism was all the press wanted to talk about when the film was in pre-release.
In this sense, his critique of realism is religious in flavor, and joins a long tradition of religious anti-novelistic suspicion.
His work began to expand beyond realism into surrealism.
Meanwhile, the usually meticulous director films the grand political stage with a generic studio realism.
But, in this sense, there is no more radical difference between art and realism.
Yet the best defense against eating disorders may be realism.
They convey a spirit of tough-minded realism while managing to say nothing at all.
Critics have questioned whether there is a limit to the realism the public will bear.
From all this, a new realism is likely to emerge, including tougher diplomacy on both sides.
The film, which weds gritty realism with the dreamworld of the ballet, is an unreliable witness.
Her interlocutor's realism is an excellent foil for this idealistic approach.
But the policy also suggests a new realism within government.
Given that he paints his own flesh and blood with such stark realism, the biographical airbrushing jars.
The summiteers can make progress, but only if they temper their hyperbole with realism and humility.
The debate will be over priorities, transcending the longstanding debate between idealism and realism.
The conversions from realism to idealism are not wholly convincing.
But the government's solution looks to be a retreat into mercantilism, restrained by hints of realism.
The technology has also found its way into video-game consoles, where it adds an extra layer of realism.
Partly this reflected a new realism about capitalism, but it was also helped by the fact that everyone was becoming better off.
It is plainly designed as a refuge for readers who have had enough of wartime realism.
There's too much realism, not enough magic in historical romance these days.
In foreign policy, he created an approach that wove together idealism with balance-of-power realism.
Movies employ the best paleontologists as advisers to heighten the realism of their creatures.
Literary realism is a variable, complex, and often argued about concept.
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