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The only thing worse than electing an unqualified candidate would be empowering someone to decide who is qualified.
Qualified candidates should be accomplished fiction writers with several published books.
It's also important to stress that these are qualified protections.
Please consult your own qualified advisers as you consider philanthropic gifts.
No one who is not immersed and expert in a field and has become an expert in it is qualified to have a substantive opinion.
It also means turning away plenty of qualified applicants.
Of course, finding qualified teachers to teach advanced maths courses will not be easy.
But the spokesperson explained that qualified patent examiners review each application according to rigid criteria.
The test does not diagnose illness but urges those at risk to see a qualified mental health professional.
His decision was wise given that the stale lunch food no longer qualified as edible.
Rank is open, though offers with tenure will only be extended to exceptionally qualified individuals.
The answer to the first question is a qualified yes.
Also, not everyone who would volunteer for such a mission would be qualified.
But he is ready to operate on a qualified candidate, if someone will put up the money.
In almost every business and every industrial sector, the biggest problem facing employers is a lack of qualified people.
They are not required to employ energy-saving features beyond meeting those criteria, although many qualified windows do.
We'll set deadlines for those pieces, and with your help find contributors who are motivated and qualified to complete them.
Screening will begin immediately and continue until a qualified candidate is selected.
They said that the process took too much time, and that they were not qualified to give the required counselling.
Call in a qualified technician once a year to give the unit a checkup.
Another major drag is a shortage of qualified breeders.
Maintain your heating and cooling system with regular service by a qualified professional, and change the filters regularly.
What is worse, the new arrivals are more qualified and have better prospects than the people among whom they have settled.
But the answers they do have are confirmed by the majority of qualified world specialists.
Those actually qualified to answer the question overwhelmingly agree that it is happening.
Marginalization of opposing views by qualified scientists.
There might have been a temporary real shortage if there were no qualified teachers willing to work at any price.
TO grow, high-technology companies need to find qualified people.
They went wild in the comments, dredging up memories both fully qualified and somewhat questionable.
Few people were more qualified to speak on this topic than.
Qualified candidates were booted out of the program, for flimsy reasons of security.
Both countries consider it a qualified success so far.
It's interesting because it may actually favor workers who are less qualified.
My point is that you give those qualified applicants a chance without being blinded by student generated websites.
These companies may be more qualified at interpreting genetic data than anyone else.
Security clearances are required for bidders, and the department does not expect to find more than five qualified firms.
We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.
Or is it the case if one doesn't know the acronym, then one isn't qualified to apply there.
The chances are that there will not be a qualified radiologist available to interpret the results.
There are only a handful of truly qualified people in the world.
Ideally, he should have been highly qualified to objectively evaluate the paper.
The main problem is once again an acute shortage of qualified staff.
Those who are born abroad or poorly qualified find it harder to get other jobs.
So many subprime borrowers initially qualified for a prime loan, but then refinanced using subprime.
Companies with no family controlling shareholder, to be sure, will be expected to propose more qualified candidates.
And these must be qualified by the remark that what is suitable for one sort of composition may be unsuitable for another.
The policy of this general doctrine, so qualified, is evident enough.
For the vast majority of users, the answer is a qualified yes.
Theoretically, this system draws in the best-qualified answerers for each question.
Chefs and restaurateurs only qualified if they also established a clear-and, yes, lucrative-brand.
There's truth to all this, but let me offer a qualified disagreement.
If the government pays the piper, it is likely to demand that the musicians be qualified.
Ian now qualified for a school that specialized in high functioning autistic kids.
Speaker three will, however, list qualities the candidate possesses that make him qualified for the presidency.
He got a diploma that qualified him as a computer technician.
They are qualified to see if these reports make sense.
Many companies actually have slots available, but cannot find people qualified to fill them.
Clients who two years ago would not have qualified for a loan now find that they can.
His qualifications are considered the gold standard, and he earns ten times what a similarly qualified local does.
There is also a looming shortage of qualified nuclear engineers, after the three-decade hiatus in building new plants.
The industry does not have enough qualified specialists.
And yet two out of three voters still say that she is not qualified to be president.
They are better paid, better qualified and more influential than the regulators.
Filibuster- and hold-happy legislators can prevent qualified appointees from taking their positions for months.
Even a helpful link to another qualified source could help me understand.
Banking is an esoteric, highly idiosyncratic business where relatively few are qualified to work in it.
She is eminently qualified by her victory over her own actual traumatic experience.
The fact that she's so well qualified is, of course, the reason she's being attacked so fiercely.
It s probably stronger than aluminum and it s already space-qualified for fixing thermal blankets.
The ensuing re-evaluation suggests more general questions about how and why accepted ideas are challenged, qualified, or replaced.
Neither science nor religion have adequately quantified or qualified such a condition.
He is not qualified to comment authoritatively on human caused global warming.
Yet a range of theoretical developments has gradually qualified the interpretation of universe.
Then they go to grad school because they must actually get qualified for a job.
That's despite there being no end of qualified volunteers who would happily accept much less favorable odds.
If people are not qualified to come to a conclusion, it's best usually to come to no conclusion, and say so.
There are too many college students, many of which are not qualified to graduate from high school.
There are dozens, often hundreds, of qualified applicants for every academic position.
Personal connections often differentiate one equally qualified candidate from another.
The people best-qualified to decide which traditions must give way are those of us inside the higher-education community.
They admit applicants qualified on paper who often struggle after enrollment.
But many people who qualified for the benefit are still unemployed.
We invite you to nominate a qualified student on the enclosed form.
Focus the resume on what you're qualified to do for the company.
Either their incomes were too low, or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions to eliminate their liability.
She has played on two teams that have qualified for the state semifinals.
If you are a candidate to become a judge, tell us why you are qualified for this position.
People who have lost jobs or have never been hired are less qualified as a group than those who are currently working, they say.
Not only that: less-qualified candidates can game the system by loading their résumés with the right keywords.
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