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Some of the quotations mentioning the lost books provide clues to their content.
Discuss the different ways that wilderness was represented in these quotations.
These poems and quotations are lasting testimonies to what our nation was, is, or aspires to be.
Yeah, but hopefully they'll fix the double quote problem soon: it makes quotations difficult.
Declining quotations were the order of the day on the stock market yesterday.
It's a long string of quotations taken from many ancient texts.
The body often includes quotations from earlier communications.
But there's much more to the relationship than such occasional visual quotations.
Avoid parentheses when possible, especially in quotations.
The web is full with anecdotes and quotations about physicists and mathematicians.
The show, whose scenery and gags are often quotations from the movie, is haunted by the model it seeks to adapt.
The second part is fictional monologues that play off the first quotations.
One reads the quotations and skips the names of the authors.
Retail, over-the-bar quotations varying with locality.
But then, verification of quotations and sources is a tricky and sensitive thing.
People once copied quotations longhand of writers they hoped to emulate.
Both sites encourage members to post quotations from what they're reading to share with other members.
Their thoughts go well beyond the mechanization of quotations and reporting procedures that is currently in progress.
And he interspersed his speech with too many biblical quotations.
Some cite their sources, but don't put quotation marks around their quotations.
You're also armed with various illustrative anecdotes and quotations that are useful to bolster arguments.
The letter can incorporate quotations from the student evaluations.
He cites the work of other writers as well as providing quotations from individual graduate students.
The high school teachers generally let students have a bibliography with only direct quotations needing in-text citations.
They need to learn how to cite, how to refer, how to use quotation marks for direct quotations as opposed to indirect ones.
Avoid using textbook quotations, stereotyped language, or overly technical terminology.
Many of the pages incorporate quotations from my reading.
Needs more details, examples and quotations to fully support topic.
These two quotations from the column above highlight two aspects of a dilemma.
The next time you want to throw quotations around, make sure you know what they are.
His quotations and pictures and clips and drawings and paintings give density and meaning to the blind onrush that life can be.
It will give high marks to a student who uses a lot of quotations.
Often these snippets were direct quotations from the speaker or summaries of their arguments.
Insert quotations beneath appropriate sections on the outline.
Use single ones only for quotations within quotations.
But before you rush to join the consensus he has declared, compare two quotations.
Much of this book contains previously unheard and highly indiscreet quotations.
Critics have complained that such quotations are code to please evangelicals, who recognise them.
His editing precision was legendary and he was so literal-minded that he even corrected literary quotations.
Amusingly, a number of the quotations are from various people claiming that y'all can or cannot be used in the singular.
The rest of your posting does only contain single sentence quotations.
His comments on his quotations, on the poems more than the prose, sometimes suggest plain speculation rather than insight.
None of the carefully selected details or quotations seems extraneous.
Quotations may be submitted on company letterhead stationery, or as otherwise specified in the solicitation.
Quotations are requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.
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