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The currents push and pull at the plates from below, causing them to move.
Environmental groups are considering a major push to wring cash for ecosystem restorations from global warming legislation.
If enough adjuncts join, then it gives you the opportunity to push for your concerns in the next round of contract negotiations.
The updated app doesn't push out a box to let you know of a new e-mail.
Some graduate students at elite universities fight the push for collective bargaining.
Gently push wool into water with a spoon, but don't agitate.
Push the pedal, and the brain is less able to rewire itself.
These eddies of air can push plane wings in opposing directions, jostling an aircraft as a boat on wavy waters.
Push an outside stem to the side, then twist and pull it off.
He has created concept ideas for everyday products that push the limits of what they can do.
One is that bigger deficits push up interest rates, crowding out private investment and curbing growth.
Life tries to push entropy in the opposite direction.
But within the past decade, scientists have made a push to fill this void in understanding.
The third needed a little help, as he was slightly too short to push off the bottom of the moat with his feet.
Push against the wall as you screw in the eyehooks, first by hand and then using a screwdriver for more leverage.
If the floor doesn't push on you at all, you feel weightless.
Other things being equal, that ought to push up the cost of capital.
Floating free in the hostile vacuum of space, astronauts push the boundaries of exploration.
With a slotted spoon, push them down into oil until they begin to puff.
If you are stuck and unable to proceed, ask for a slight push in the right direction.
Increased demand for collateral to secure loans could even push up its price.
They will have developed their own epics, which inspire those who will push out farther.
It must be great flying high above everyone else, capturing there lives and the places they live in the push of a button.
When you're ready to roll, all you do is push the lever and you move forward.
It may also push back the launch of the new product for which a patent is sought, depriving customers of the benefits.
Disgust directs us to push out and expel that which is bad for us.
Let's push for prairie dog habitat conservation so these ferrets, and other dependent species, can thrive in the wild.
Use three or four florist's picks for each pad, and push them completely through pad, well into the straw base.
Why are companies allowed to push people to overeat.
He knew what made a joke work, what endeared characters to theatergoers, and how far he could push a gag.
If texture is still too fibrous, push through a fine sieve.
State politicians have been busy the past few months trying to push prices up further.
Carefully push the object into the clay, then remove.
Good to see you using the blog to push back against some overly-hyped claims.
If markets push them into insolvency, the euro zone would melt down.
Gradually one of them will get bold enough to push her way into his lair.
If you can't push a screwdriver up to its handle into the turf, it's time to aerate.
Higher energy prices may temporarily push up inflation, but with labour costs so low, this one-off rise cannot last.
Illusions push the mysterious and wondrous brain into revealing its secrets.
To push blood, an average heart beats a hundred thousand times a day.
Both claim that free-falling through the ozone layer will push back the boundaries of science.
Push the shovel down into the mound or next to the hole all the way.
The channels are also inclined downstream, which is typical of ice flows that can push up inclines.
The lids rest precariously on push pins above the containers.
His work could push the incredibly small architecture of nanotechnology into the architecture of everyday life.
All of the animal rights protesters push us to do something that maybe the animal doesn't want to do.
To push with resistless way, and speed off in the distance.
To adjust course, land a spacecraft on an asteroid, fire up some rockets and push off.
But there's still no real breakthrough here that will push forward the display quality of televisions in any way.
The university is at the vanguard of a national push to internationalize.
But the big push comes from advertising-or the lack of it.
In theory, it should be much easier for a central bank to drive its currency down than to push it up.
Push electrons through the wire in the opposite direction and the ions will return to their original home, recharging the battery.
Part is presumably push: a feeling that he no longer belongs to the place where he lives.
At the same time, the availability of a cheap and relatively green fuel may push up global energy consumption.
Inflation having ebbed as a public concern, several cities decided it was safe to push for more expensive water.
It also makes sense to concentrate on a single marketing push.
But the real push for transparency has come from the scandals that often breed in opaque government.
So there was no cherry picking there to push up the rate.
Most are unhealthy, and some push the conceptual boundaries of food into new territory.
In addition, they may push up borrowing costs and slow economic growth.
The scientists in question disclaim any intent to push back frontiers other than those of human understanding.
The new push comes as a bolder set of ambitions hits trouble.
Investors will worry about governments' ability to service their debt and will push up yields, making debt servicing even harder.
Temps push animal, plant species to higher elevations.
Behind the marketing push is a growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products.
Immediately push back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side, staying low as if you were skiing.
As the ant closes its jaws, it uses them to push off the ground-all faster than the eye can see without slow motion video.
Hungry bears then push into human settlements at the end of their longer summer fasts in search of food.
Invasive species push aside native vegetation and reduce diversity of plant cover.
Where these shells push against each other, stress builds up.
Below the surface, plasma can push and drag magnetic field lines.
The melting glaciers could push wildlife out of the area.
Those two are not the only bands from the area to push the boundaries.
But winds could push the slick south, where oil might get swept into the current.
Another sustained dry spell would push the lake to new lows.
The scientists say that the back-leg push-off must have evolved first, with the ability to rotate and land softly evolving later.
City planners and citizens alike frequently push for better public transportation.
Anything which can push your brain into many novel areas and stretches its capacity are good for the brain.
The push is the availability of resources to create a bigger brain, the pull is the usefulness of the bigger brain.
Now, if you object to coal due to other pollutants, then by all means push to get the nasties cleaned up.
Parties can try to push local authorities to hold their caucuses at certain times, but they can't require it.
However, no matter how great these products are, they can only push you in the right direction.
But push him a bit, and the fa├žade drops-he gets touchy and defensive, starts snapping.
In a push to modernize its culture and media industries, the government recently gave publishers more autonomy.
After his swim he'll push the button on the spout and fill up a paper cup with pink lemonade.
He gives her playful push and she falls down flight of stars.
He would talk and joke with the tourists, but he didn't push them to buy anything.
Time will tell how far they want to go and push things.
The answer, they realized, was to order more imaging for their patients-to push the indications where they could.
As the demand for oil surges, companies push farther under the ocean, finding a bonanza of crude far beneath the ocean.
No need to go down to walk and push your bike during steep inclines.
The obturator in turn would push against the projectile.
And the discovery seemed to push some intractable opponents of this idea farther out on a limb.
Biologists fear that the interlopers may ultimately push out the locals.
They can hold the sword over our heads but, push come to shove, they don't dare cut us with it.
No robot knows that you can pull something with a string but you can't push it with a string.
Maybe all our clapping helped to push our planet off course.
Leaders of some small countries were using the meeting to grandstand, while others were using it to push their own agendas.
It was said in a rhythmic, calm voice, urging us to push beyond the perceived world.
Such rhetoric creates opportunities to push the authorities to deliver.
They identify with the executives, the push-button executors.
But because it's a personal goal and my idea, it's easier to get out of bed every day and push myself.
The cost of running a tower is many times what it takes to push content digitally.
We now know that photons can be used to push anything from electrons to solar sails.
The glove has four custom-built push-button sensors sewn into the fingers.
Battery developers, meanwhile, continue to push lithium performance.
Even with the push for renewable energy, demand for fossil fuels is still growing.
It allows for cheaper portable devices to push way beyond their inherent processing power and battery capacity.
They use an electric field to push the particles toward the shallow end.
Unlike reverse-osmosis systems, which require pumps to push water through a membrane, it would be driven by gravity.
When they strike other objects, they can push or pull them around.
Thanks to renewed interest in hands-on computing, researchers have continued to push the boundaries of displays and interfaces.
The push for all this technology could have started prior to now.
The system does not need any external pressure to push the healing agent into the crack.
In my opinion this means to continue on the road of daring to push democracy carefully and start investing in innovation.
After that wave action should push the ethanol, preferentially onto certain coastlines.
It's telling that the push here is from the open-source side of things rather than the commercial vendors.
Animal rights groups say they will now push to change the federal rule.
Use your dreams to push you into unexplored territory.
Muscles in the lower legs help push blood in the legs and feet back to the heart.
Some leaders push innovations by being good at the big picture.
With the expectation that stocks and real estate will yield less in the future, all of us will have to push back our retirement.
Whatever the reason, you decide to stifle that yawn and push through the night.
What is much more important is how you push or pull.
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