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Depending on the airline you use, you'll often be allowed to bring on one personal item such as a purse as well as a second bag.
The boat, a big industrial vessel known as a purse seiner, was easy prey.
If you are looking for drugs, look no further than your wallet or purse.
And that may make her even more reluctant to open her purse.
And who then barges in to retrieve her purse that she left behind in her fluster to clear out.
Thinner and lighter than a netbook, tablets easily pack into a small bag or purse.
Those who hold the purse strings can shape the narrative anyway they wish in the information age.
If his scheme fails, the public purse has lost hardly a cent.
The public purse should not be a source of funding for sandbox projects.
It even fit into my larger purse and no doubt would fit fine in a backpack without any special cushioning.
In later years, the empire was on the defensive, so the army was a drain on the public purse.
Most of the extra money would come from the public purse.
Funding remains a chronic problem, especially in the age of the shrinking government purse.
In the first place, the super-rich are still untying their purse strings for the right products.
The attraction of the mobile phone as a purse is that so many people have them.
Sometimes loosening the purse strings and sometimes tightening it.
And it is quite right for the public purse to direct and finance major infrastructure investments.
Investors are already tightening their purse strings.
And we're not talking stuff-in-your-purse toy dogs either.
Paying your mortgage is probably smarter than snagging a designer purse, but there's always window-shopping.
The devices may soon evolve into small computers about the size of a clutch purse.
Can also be clipped onto a purse using the included carabiner.
Vote with your wallet or purse by spending your money in an eco-friendly way.
It's fairly light, and fits in a decent-sized purse or bag without any trouble.
The state controls the purse and the state does not wish to have students even question the reasonableness of laws enacted by it.
That's mainly due to the access they have to hugely expensive observing equipment, funded by the public purse.
Size allow it to carried in large pocket or medium purse.
We might as well start bashing purse science as a useless endeavor.
On the other hand you can purse a line of defending something you don't really know about why you're defending it.
But note how the poet turns an empty purse to plenty.
These fat medical bills must be paid from a thin purse.
Whoever was in distress was sure not only of his sympathy, but of his hand and purse.
In my purse is the neatly folded contract for a six-month stay.
Here's one way to make sure you don't lose your purse when you're out and about facing crowds.
Sometimes you can stuff a purse into a backpack or tuck a laptop into an overnight bag.
They are accidental calls emanating from a pocket or purse.
From a sling over his left shoulder a large, woven purse swung at his hip.
She looked away while he probed in his change purse, then they politely pretended to recognize each other.
Now she examined herself in the small round mirror she'd pulled from her purse, grimacing.
The pilot directs the boats' crews as they deploy a purse seine, a gigantic net.
But that idea was vetoed by the keepers of the government purse, who considered it premature.
They then make their own cash, pay the loan back, continue their business and get off the public purse.
Those with the power of the purse need to open it up and spill out the contents.
He who builds a house or marries is left with a lank purse.
Little thieves are hanged by the neck, and great thieves by the purse.
When the three volumes were concluded, the author again reaped an advantage from his full purse.
He that has no money in his purse should have fair words on his lips.
Eating and drinking make the stomach full but the purse empty.
When there are two friends to one purse, the one sings, the other weeps.
Your eyes are in a heavy case, your purse in a light: yet you see how this world goes.
Shut not thy purse-strings always against painted distress.
Your purse is not hot enough to purchase your spice.
It won't be easy-it will require changes in purse strings and priorities.
The zipper opened and closed in a flash, a perfect mechanism with which to secure a purse or jacket against high speeds.
She was threatened with a straitjacket, and her clothes and purse were taken from her.
It's tacky, and one is better served by decoding the dazzle that has you reaching for your purse.
It's not heavy, but it can be too long to fit in a purse.
For one thing, an auction will raise billions of dollars for the public purse.
The power utilities are a huge drain on the public purse.
They may tighten their purse-strings too soon, withdrawing a stimulus that is still needed.
Measuring gas levels day in, day out can look a little humdrum to outsiders, including those who hold the purse strings.
Ultimately, it may bring it within the purse of individuals.
As an added benefit to the public purse, lots of police time and prison space would be freed up.
And parents' fees take some of the burden off the public purse.
Most land deals contribute little or nothing to the public purse.
Something has to give, and the paper is hoping it will be its readers' purse strings.
More parents are also controlling the purse strings and moving down-market for pants and shoes.
He says he even got a friend to steal her purse so she wouldn't have her pills.
If you do, use a purse that is difficult or time consuming to open.
Do not leave your purse in a shopping cart, on a table, under a table or on a chair unattended.
Purse supplements are part of the purse and shall be credited to owners' accounts at the time the purses are earned.
When the student denied smoking, the school principal demanded to search her purse.
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