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His promotion would have given him an even higher security clearance.
It was silly and clearly aiming at publicity, self promotion and probably future grant applications.
The academic promotion and enhancement of position in society would a way process.
Some negative promotion and tenure decisions seem predetermined the moment a newly hired scholar signs a job contract.
Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate or modify the promotion.
The sales promotion banners hanging from the ceiling were moving.
It was clearly made for promotion for the cause of abolition.
Relying solely on journal articles to evaluate computer-science professors for promotion and tenure is a mistake.
In the country's many family firms, too, opportunity for promotion is limited for non-family members.
More productive members of society are occupied with productivity instead of self promotion.
My focus is on health promotion and successful aging.
Three weeks after launch, a popular promotion took down the site.
At four-year colleges and universities, promotion to full professor seems pretty straightforward.
Our economics team could perhaps vote each year on which economies deserved promotion or relegation.
Well, it is a pretty exhilarating promotion in the space industry.
The companies are going at it banner to banner, promotion to promotion, image to image.
She told me about a horrendous situation she went through last year when applying for promotion to full professor.
Their primary principle is self interest and self promotion.
There is also the whole social promotion of honesty.
One of the speakers mentioned that a school can grant tenure or promotion or both.
Such extra promotion is not a bad outcome of the merger.
We evaluate whether a faculty member should be put up for promotion once they are eligible.
At my university, bringing in grant money is an obsession of the administration, can now be a criterion for tenure and promotion.
The hype and promotion of corn-based ethanol is a barrier to developing other renewable fuel resources.
But in the south the promotion of democracy and the rule of law has been a fiction.
Be sure you've filled out the author's questionnaire that the publisher sent you to guide its promotion efforts.
Harder to account for is the cost of leaving a family business unattended or missing a key promotion.
He cites a colleague who refused a promotion because he would lose extra days off.
Nobody reads the journals themselves much anymore, but where a paper hits is critical for promotion decisions.
The bishops do not look after their flocks, but strive after worldly honours and promotion by every means.
The saint had consented to his first promotion with great reluctance.
Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.
Peer review became the new standard for evaluation for publication, along with external review for promotion.
But if you are thinking about your next move, the option to withdraw your promotion-and-tenure bid is still a viable one.
The medical campus has its own provost, its own promotion guidelines, and its own academic calendar.
One factor that affects status is whether promotion in rank is available for non-tenure-track scholars.
Ask for copies of their promotion-and-tenure guidelines.
In their cover letters, applicants are encouraged to address their potential contribution to the promotion of this diversity.
He or she then gains points in the race for the next promotion.
He may have been too good at his job, because eventually got a promotion-to supervisor.
The consequences of this for employment and promotion purposes should be obvious.
Instead current biofuel efforts appear to be more self-serving stock promotion efforts than any thing else.
It is theoretically possible to generate that with the right rhetoric and promotion.
However, you can always register with another email to take advantage of the promotion.
The place is a premier resource center for the promotion and practice of contemplative prayer and lifestyle.
Office humor has it that, instead of getting a corner office by way of promotion, you get a pillar.
It's invaluable for idea generation, public thinking, and story promotion.
Yet her penchant for self-promotion estranged her from the company's rank and file-and she failed to get quick results.
Last month he flaunted both his technical know-how and his flair for self-promotion by emerging as the country's top blogger.
But as the country awaits a change of its leadership late next year, some high officials are up for a bit of self-promotion.
Lawsuits about gross misconduct have given way to lawsuits alleging discrimination on pay and promotion.
Many elite companies are rethinking their promotion practices.
Their model shows that two other strategies outperform the conventional method of promotion.
Flex-fuel vehicles have been the subject of heavy promotion by automakers.
We are constantly tweaking our promotion algorithm to make sure that it doesn't become overwhelming.
The demotion of one device is, potentially, the promotion of a bunch of others.
The following year, the promotion was repeated, and the year after that.
His idea was to sell it to one of the big watch companies here as a promotion stunt, but no one wants to buy it.
Her conviction that the novel was a work of literary genius led her to stand up in the book's first promotion meeting.
Occasionally they'll reunite for a charity event or a book promotion.
The prediction is still there somewhere in the general's file, buried under a mountain of accolade and promotion.
He had all sorts of imaginative ideas and promotion schemes, but he had no interest in handling money.
Every discussion of this kind between experts involves some self-promotion, it is inevitable.
Peer-reviewed journals are kept alive by the promotion and tenure process.
When the legislation comes along, it's not promotion, its coercion.
Quackery isn't the promotion of things that work but aren't proven.
Master the skills you need to snag that long-deserved raise or much-sought-after promotion.
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