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Example sentences for Professed

At the end of this self-inflicted gavage, he could barely breathe or walk, though he professed to have enjoyed it.
Curiously, many who took part in the duel professed to disdain it.
Actual nonprofit work is undertaken by a relatively limited number of people who have a professed political investment in it.
Also, many past successful candidates have either married one of our colleagues or professed a blood relationship to one of them.
Even people with professed religious faith in a rosy afterlife seem to know this when the crunch comes.
But, in both cases, the fundamental moral problem is not the inconsistency between private actions and professed beliefs.
The crewman professed that he carried one of those pilots out of his aircraft because he was so shaken up by what occurred.
One definition of extremism is the refusal to acknowledge the challenges faced by your own professed philosophy.
Although the two professed an extraordinary affinity, the relationship was never easy.
In fact, he says, actual churchgoing may be at little more than half the professed rate.
The government's professed target is extremist dogma.
It was done as neatly as a professed taxidermist would have done it.
There is moral cost in the shortfall between the professed ideal of equal opportunity and the reality of rising inequality.
They are a first step in the king's professed plan to restore democracy, to be followed by national elections next year.
Professed parental piety will help win a place at a high-performing church school.
Most condemn such excesses and have, in the past, generally professed an aversion to politics.
But it often takes the form of a yearning to live up to the nation's professed ideals.
Not bad for a band of believers who have been tested from the moment that they came together and professed their faith.
No one would want to dampen a network executive's professed optimism.
He was a professed enemy of idleness, which he knew to be the bane of all virtues.
But he professed to know nothing of commerce, and did know nothing.
Rather rejoicing to see another merry, than merry at anything which professed to make him rejoice: a gentleman of all temperance.
Upwards of a hundred thousand souls zealously professed the faith, and they had above two hundred churches.
Even when he professed to delineate the world of sensuous delight, this instinct shows itself.
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