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But perhaps the biggest problem is that schools do not value good teachers over bad ones.
Daydreaming can help solve problems, trigger creativity, and inspire great works of art and science.
The problem could have been avoided, and it still could be reduced.
Nevertheless, there is still a problem.
Introduced predators are causing problems for some small mammal species.
So there is a problem with the vertical integration.
Now we are faced with a new problem.
China's problem has become the world's problem.
The second, more immediate problem is deflation.
Plants have a problem—they are stuck in the ground.
Access to clean, fresh water is a pressing problem around the world.
It's expected that the organs of these modified pigs could be transplanted into people without the problem of tissue rejection.
Here she reveals the difficulties faced by the park rangers fighting the problem.
There's no denying that sharks have an image problem.
Its inherent bipolarity provides him with his biggest problem.
So it is not so much a problem of evolution, but a human activity that causes the problem.
Is water going to be our next problem, it seems to be heading that way.
The squabble about how to fix this problem had dragged on for years.
His discoveries posed for him, as for others, a problem of identification.
The problem really starts in college, where the elementary education major requires little math.
Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving, for instance.
Humans caused the problem, and humans can fix the problem.
Scientists knew that turbines posed a threat to birds, but nobody had predicted they'd be such a problem for bats.
She agreed that crime was a big problem and that the government purposefully manipulates crime statistics.
The main problem with the education system is that there are too many students and too few customers.
No one wants to admit it, but there really is a problem with tenure.
High-school administrators also can contribute to the problem.
The deterioration of our vision with age is invariably the result of a problem with one of these four structures.
In many of these cases, individual beaches may be losing only a few inches per year, but in some cases the problem is much worse.
The problem with this explanation is that the curtain will suck inward toward a cold shower, too.
The problem seemed, on the face of it, to be a case of egg-binding.
The problem with his column, of course, is that it is itself bogus.
How to provide privacy while maximizing space and flow was the problem tackled in the design of this master bath.
As long as the tree is fed regularly, such soils shouldn't be a problem.
Cooks' note:The egg yolk in this recipe is not cooked, which may be of concern if salmonella is a problem in your area.
The egg in this recipe is not cooked, which may be of concern if salmonella is a problem in your area.
The problem was that my frozen lime pie filling eaten straight was too rich and intense.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
If something is a real problem, say something politely about it.
Problem is, the good old knife test doesn't really work with bison.
And it's not a problem of awareness, or lack thereof.
The saline solution will certainly address the dehydration, but that's only part of the problem.
Since tritium is highly radioactive, that makes containment a big problem as structures weaken and need to be replaced.
Losing e-mail can be a serious problem for both the public and private sector.
Getting access to clean drinking water is an ongoing problem for people in developing countries.
Whatever the device, storing movement itself may be a problem.
The fundamental problem of private communication is ensuring its security.
Uninstalling, then reinstalling usually corrects the problem.
One side says war spending is the problem, the other says it's the economic bailout plan.
Finding people to move down the street with them was not a serious problem.
The emerging health-reform package has a master plan for this problem.
Because of his skin problem writer chose a profession that did not demand being presentable.
He has approached the problem from every imaginable angle.
Her internist didn't know what to make of the problem.
The problem is all the bags out there in the environment, clogging up waterways and choking the native fauna.
But if it's true, it could be the answer to a problem computer scientists have wrestled for decades.
The obvious problem is for astronomers, who have to fight this added light when observing faint objects.
The problem is a mean trick of physics called the rocket equation.
The next step was to induce the arrhythmia in order to identify the specific problem cells.
That's no problem for the box that starts with low entropy, as there is no delicate tuning required to make the entropy go up.
Goldman executives believe they have a public-relations problem, not a substantive one.
The problem for me with math is it didn't mean anything.
Time to get real: global warming is the problem-the biggest problem.
Fish stocks are crashing everywhere, and restaurants must decide whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution.
The problem is, the prison is surrounded by zombies.
The problem today, as it was then, is something else.
Successful retirement is always a problem for them, and not all solve it.
The problem is how to integrate the conscious mind with the physical brain-how to reveal a unity beneath this apparent diversity.
The biographies of peasants and especially the autobiographies of country people are a longstanding problem.
He reacts almost viscerally to the charge that empire itself is a historical problem.
The problem is not to grasp the parts of the brain, their names, and their functions.
All of these options have flaws and centrally one problem: you're asking someone to predict the future.
Family members, and sometimes friends, can be directly impacted when someone has a gambling problem.
Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing.
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