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Gift guide: the perfect present for prickly friends.
In order to demonstrate leadership to the nation, they must present their own bold initiatives and vision for the future.
Philosophy triumphs easily over past and over future evils but present evils triumph over philosophy.
Preparation means that you are fully organized and ready to present your case before the judge in a short amount of time.
I'm a fan of long and developed arguments, but there are simply none to present in this case.
Students compare and contrast causes for extinction, past and present.
You know whiteflies are present when you touch a plant and a mass of tiny, white, winged insects fly out of it.
Our present camps are as healthy as any camps at this end of the island can be.
Paying attention in the present will allow you a glimpse into the future.
If we could tackle these things when they first present themselves, they wouldn't become problems that last for decades.
When it comes to how stores present the look of the holiday season, themes vary by location.
Ask each group to present an overview of their section to the class.
Flash forward to the present, it's gone by super fast.
But if it's not planted or stabilized properly, it can present a hazard in wet weather.
But that's not even the saddest part of our present situation.
Your patio, no matter where you live, is not likely to present it with any challenges.
All can be present any time during the growing season, since lacewings produce five or six generations per year.
Urban universities present an inherent conflict for administrators who oversee campus planning and development.
Colleges have a lot of leeway in how they present financial-aid information to prospective and returning students.
Finalists will be required to present a current research study or describe their plans for a research study.
The university has hired a search firm that will present its candidates to the search committee next month.
The next installment, not due for several years, will bring the story up to the present.
Throughout this process our committee was able to see each candidate in action, making decisions in a present-tense scenario.
While members of the faculty publish and present frequently at conferences, the overall emphasis is on teaching.
State budget cuts and reductions in private donations present mounting challenges.
Our present political position has been achieved in a manner unprecedented in the history of nations.
Absent none without blame, present none without excuse.
Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present.
Some are always present, others only occasionally so.
One is to reinvigorate the present system, which will require radical rather than incremental changes.
But advocates of whaling present themselves as protectors of traditional culture, diets and the rights of indigenous people.
Last month the past caught up with the present: the archdiocese, besieged by lawsuits, filed for bankruptcy.
But those episodes were relatively mild compared with the present one.
The trouble in the present war against drugs is that the main weapon chiefly hurts its wielders.
Though the world economy is on the mend the huge overhang of new vessels on order will present a problem for shipping companies.
Diplomacy is indeed comatose at present, but the leaks do not suggest it is past praying for.
Both countries at present rely heavily on coal for electricity generation, which both will be boosting hugely in coming decades.
Most crucial is the rate at which the future liabilities are discounted to reach their present value.
Oddly, the present slowdown may mark a change-for the better.
Globs of malformed protein are conspicuously present in many degenerative disorders of the brain and nervous system.
Few books could present more implacably opposed views, and few could raise more provocative questions.
We present a few examples of the stunning graphics used on the site below.
At present, no standard method or variable exists to quantify a human or animal's top acceleration.
The story of beryllium highlights the whole problem of occupational disease in the present era.
As has been said often in these pages, there's a clear and present need for better math and science education in this nation.
When sea otters are present, the coastal kelp forests maintain a healthy balance.
They have a low water content, unusual proteins and a tough spore coat that is not present in the mature bacterial cells.
These three great historical trends define the present day.
Their trip took place in a living room setting with two monitors present.
Many researchers are optimistic that the present retrenchment actually bodes well for the long-term success of genetic medicines.
Even in its present size, though, it has the ability to make humans who try to collect it with nets look inept.
Museums include quillwork, baskets, and other artwork of present day descendants of emigrant tribes.
We encourage visitors to explore the material culture of the past to better understand its relevance to the present.
Its history consists of memories and stories of its past inhabitants and present visitors.
The funny-looking cells, it turned out, were not confined to humans and great apes but were also present in elephants and whales.
Each month, we'll propose a scenario and present some ideas and concepts.
Now that raucous history-along with the group's blistering sound-is roaring back into the present.
Present students with the scenario below, filling in the blank depending on which site they have read for this lesson.
Students will collaborate to research the history and implications of trade and write about and present their findings.
Again, it doesn't really matter how many green features are present.
Present it with elegance and with cheer for the palate.
Early recipes present another admixture of the familiar and the jarring.
Holley cooks in order to be fully present in a particular moment.
In a sighted mouse, it's the photoreceptor cells that tell the visual system when light is present.
When oil is present, a segment of the polymer that causes fluids to bead up rises to the surface of the coating.
The sensors inside modern smart phones present a range of security threats.
They present an obvious and relatively cheap way to help address the cargo security question.
What they're saying is that it's possible to travel into the future without being present during the time in between.
At present, surgeons lack effective treatment for these injuries.
We carried out detail studies on the present and future market and the target customers.
Toys are sites that present the content in new ways, often combined with other data.
At present, this has to be done with various kinds of mixing techniques.
Because stem cells can be differentiated into any type of cell in the body, they present an ideal source for screening.
Their function is to preserve the past rather than to explain the present.
It was my eighth birthday and my parents gave me a squash lesson as a present.
Though he was part of everyone's past, he somehow understood that he must always remain in the present.
For those present at the crash, no doubt, the words he supposedly uttered must have sounded even more foolish than they do now.
Its top-ranked pros present a healthy mix of races and nationalities.
But at the present time his reputation is somewhat diminished.
They are perennially revised by the urgencies of the present.
Now many typewriters are hammering away to present the legend in literary form.
Nonetheless, that past is linked to our present by a space of time which is startlingly brief.
Looking back from our present vantage point, one sees more clearly the virtues of that bare-bones age.
But it is useful for feeders at the public trough to present an image of wide-ranging discussion.
During his one remaining hour, he can walk in circles in another room, with no other prisoners present.
Typically, the framed objects facing you on the wall present systems of interlocking colored compartments.
He also touched off a historical controversy which rumbles to the present day.
When any genetic bias is demonstrated, it cannot be used to justify a continuing practice in present and future societies.
Of course, there's the ever-present risk that athletes are relying on drugs to enhance their performance.
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