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When they had their first election, they had polling stations around the country.
Polling sites all over the country have been flooded with early voters and are preparing for a deluge on election day.
Your apelike ancestors probably aren't top of mind when you enter the polling booth.
But where anecdotes and polling data have thrived, science has somewhat struggled.
Recently a reputable polling firm asked some parents and students for their opinion of what college was currently costing them.
Also, while batteries can fail with no warning at all, remote polling of flywheels can tell you whether a unit is working.
Election-day e-votes will be accepted at any polling place, whether or not voters have previously signed up online.
Researchers have used the ubiquitous device as a portable polling station, a tracking device, and a sensor.
Most polling places used a simple, portable electronic voting machine.
The current polling shows that he takes a big chunk of voters from her.
Four years ago when he served in the same capacity he was arrested for disorderly conduct in a polling place.
He collects polling data, no matter what the time of year or the size of the sample.
Instances of vote rigging were as widely reported as instances of legitimate polling.
Without a word of warning, soldiers opened fire on people waiting in line at polling places.
And, amazingly, these two fools are polling in the double digits among likely voters.
Now, usually you would want to be polling scientists who were experts in the field, so her methods are a bit questionable.
She, too, never rose higher than second place in national polling.
Such predictions based entirely on nonverbal communication often fly in the face of polling.
Point your cursor at a state and a summary of the exit polling data will appear in a window on the right.
Although he is thought to be on the right of the party, he goes wherever the polling evidence takes him.
Stay on top of the latest developments using this interactive map, which provides state-by-state polling data for each candidate.
Some of its candidates were apparently registered shortly before the polling date.
Refused accreditation, they had to watch from outside polling stations.
It featured stuffed ballot boxes and repeat voting, ballot slips scattered in gutters, trashed polling stations and intimidation.
The army was at each polling station, protecting and watching over them.
Yet with a week to go before polling day, it is anybody's guess who will win.
Scarce fuel has been organised and scores of rallies and events scheduled across the country before polling day.
Most polling booths opened for only an hour to prevent multiple voting.
It is anybody's guess which party will emerge as the biggest on polling day, and thus probably supply the next prime minister.
Information regarding where to find your polling place.
Information about laws that require that voting systems and polling places are accessible to people with disabilities.
In a number of precincts there may be a need for polling places.
Please note, that polling places are subject to change.
Generally you will vote at the same polling place in statewide elections.
If the locator is unable to find your polling address, you may need to enter additional information.
One of our primary goals is to provide polling information as it relates to polling locations and polling hours.
Polling locations and the addresses for each are listed below.
Please be sure to bring identification with you to the election polling site.
All polling places are accessible to those in wheelchairs.
Candidates often say things when polling in the single digits that come back to haunt them when they start leading the polls.
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