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Tinted plaster lends a lush brown suede effect to the entry walls, transitioning to a gray-blue hue on the ceiling.
To maintain the integrity of the house, the owners had the walls repaired with plaster, not drywall.
Clay plaster on two walls adds a delicate contrast to concrete and redwood elements.
It was thrown up quickly in little more than a year, and many of the buildings were made with a mixture of hemp and plaster.
The cracked plaster and faded paint on its high walls are covered with modern art of dubious quality.
When small areas of the reflector get damaged, fill it in with plaster if needed and glue on some aluminum foil.
Instead, wedged between the interior plaster wall and exterior clapboard is a non-load-bearing wall of bricks.
The skull had been given a plaster nose, and its eye sockets had been filled with plaster.
In preparation for transport, the prospectors then wrapped the sections in layers of tissue paper, aluminum foil and plaster.
The air inside is pleasantly cool, and the walls are smooth and dry, with patches of original plaster.
Faint lines and hatching patterns were incised into the plaster, creating two-tone designs.
The original statue was created in plaster and later replaced.
It is rarely complete, and constantly tempts the imagination to flights in brick and dreams in lath and plaster.
Sheets poured dental plaster into the holes to make molds of what had grown inside.
Extended families live together in mud and plaster hut compounds.
The monkey's leg was broken and she put a plaster cast on it and treated it.
Protective plaster jackets are made over the exposed skeletons.
Each bank is handcrafted starting with two plaster-molded halves.
In these spaces the endoscope would have comparative room to roam around, looking for telltale plaster and pigment.
The party, after all, has long been able to plaster over this rift in other races.
Cities wishing to appear forward-thinking are also starting to plaster codes around for early-adopter visitors.
And anyone who wants to plaster all of his doings around has a serious personality problem.
The site lets users plaster their comments directly on top of any uploaded video.
Because of its layout and its white plaster walls, it is said to resemble an egret about to take flight.
To protect the castle from fires, white plaster was used to cover the wood.
The buildings were created from mud or adobe bricks, faced with a type of plaster made from gravel and clay.
Now his right arm is in a plaster cast, and in order to enter the water he has to hold it above his head.
Someone had knocked a hole through the plaster wall connecting the ambulance supervisor's room to the crew room.
Its buildings were old, and leaked in the winter, water running down the inside of the plaster walls.
Long and narrow, it is finished with polished white plaster and flooded with natural light.
The big plaster-walled living room held six framed photographs.
There was a plaster on the back of his blotched left hand.
It was one of dozens that managed to plaster big goofy grins on our two faces.
Its elevators have long since quit, and the plaster is cracked and peeling.
Well, it's a monument all right-to a plaster saint, of the sort that these two professional hagiographers are paid to keep dusted.
Light splinters through the bedroom ceiling, where the rains have eroded the algae-green plaster.
His skeleton is there, a plaster mask is there, and his hat and veil and all this other stuff is there.
After a spell in a nearby clinic, she was obliged to undergo an operation, which left her entire right leg encased in plaster.
For instance, it costs more to rewire and patch up a home that has plaster walls than a home with drywall.
Plaster clouds and torn clothes everywhere, the neighborhood blown out of its shoes.
In the theater's grand hall, netting was installed to keep plaster from falling on people's heads.
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