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Example sentences for Planner

It points up the dilemma of the emergency response planner.
The fossil record appears to be inconsistent such a perfect planner.
To a strategic planner's ear, no sweeter syllables existed.
Not every art exhibition doubles as a summer vacation planner.
The goal was to garner a hiring committee's notice, an editor's eye, a conference planner's desire.
The reservation form is included in the backcountry trip planner, available from the backcountry office.
If you're a military planner, you try to weigh options.
But in certain cases, it's an economic truism that a social planner can produce better outcomes than the market.
The social planner probably would penalize those employers paying the minimum wage in order to encourage them to raise wages.
Yet the outcome, through the operation of the invisible hand, serves the public good better than any social planner could ever do.
The free market, after all, satisfies demands that no planner could anticipate.
It's a super helpful trip planner tools for business travelers.
Valuing and prioritising millions, perhaps billions, of different transactions is too complex for any central planner.
For all its excesses, it allocates resources to where they are productive better than any central planner ever could.
Almost every legislative race seems to feature a devout central planner running against a tax-protesting xenophobe.
But it has two other functions: planner and regulator.
Second, there will be efficiency losses caused by the central planner problem.
The redevelopment plan for each project was drawn up by a professional planner working with local residents.
The weak link for bombers is of course the bomb maker, or planner, who must have some sophistication.
The advantage of being a poor planner is that a hefty dose of serendipity enters into your shopping.
He was a constant planner, often weighing how to get his way while giving his audience the perception that they had gotten theirs.
To calculate one-way fares enter your destination into trip planner.
Those strange white spots you see on your daily planner are not cause for alarm.
The planner may also select a site based on its attractiveness to increase the number of attendees.
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